Mango and Melon Month on July, 2024: ?'s about 7 month old?

July, 2024 is Mango and Melon Month 2024. Add Some Color Into Your Home with National Mango & Melon Month ... Add Some Color Into Your Home with National Mango & Melon Month

?’s about 7 month old?

My daughter just turned 7 months yesterday and here's her schedule:

wakes up at 7:30-8:00 am and I bring her to bed with me...

9:00 am 6 oz. bottle of formula...

then she watches baby einstein or barney.....

10:30 am : eats pureed fruits (usually mango, melon, pear, etc.) about 2 oz....

12:00 6 oz. bottle and NAP TIME!!!(for about 2-3 hours)

2:30- 3:00 pm: she eats lunch (pureed meat or chicken with pureed vegetables)

3:00 play time (she goes on her walker, jumping thing, sometimes I put her on a mat and we play with rattles and toys)

4:00 6 oz. bottle then we play some more...

6:00 pureed fruit but just about 2 oz... she has to eat prunes every day because she's constipated...

then daddy gets home and plays with her... usually we go outside or to the park....

7:00 6 oz. bottle

8:00 bath time (she loves it!)

8:30 sleepy time...... I put her in her crib while she's awake, turn some music on and she'll fall asleep on her own....

so you see mine only naps one time a day but it's a long one (that's when I get things done around the house)...learning toys use a whatever makes sounds like rattles and things that she can put her mouth (the toys that you put in the freezer)

don't worry if she's not crawling.... she'll crawl when she's ready....

Freezing fresh fruit- particularly mangoes?

Freezing fresh fruit- particularly mangoes?

You can freeze mangos, but when defrosted they end up mushy. Still tastes like mango though, just the texture is softer. Not sure about the melons, try freezing some with lemon juice and some without and see which you like better, taste, texture, and appearance.

7 month old - Finger Foods?

7 month old - Finger Foods?

Fruits for Baby Finger Food - be sure to take out seeds!

Fruits make great baby finger foods! Colorful and highly nutritious, small soft bits of fruit will have your baby's fingers pinching away for hours!

* soft baked peaches - diced

* small dices of ripe banana

* small bits of ripe mango

* dices of ripe pears

* small dices of melon

* small bits of avocado

* squished blueberries

* kiwi - diced small (seeds should be ok for baby over 10 months old)

* small dices of mixed fruits for a "finger fruit salad

Baby Finger Food Veggies- make sure veggies are cooked soft, peeled and de-seeded as needed!

Like Fruits, Veggies make great baby finger foods!

* soft baked sweet potato dices or sweet potato fries (see below for recipe)

* soft baked white potato dices

* small dices of soft cooked carrots

* small dices of soft cooked peas

* small dices of soft cooked broccoli

* small bits of soft cooked green beans

* small bits of soft baked butternut or acorn squash

* small dices of soft cooked veggies mixed for a "veggie finger medley"

keep in mind that your baby should only be offered finger foods that are soft, easily mashed and age appropriate!

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