Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month on July, 2024: Public Speaking Phobia?

July, 2024 is Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month 2024. Overcome Speaking Fears‎ Lose the Fear, Guaranteed Results. As Seen on CNN, NBC & ABC News!

Public Speaking Phobia?

Then the mind is

using you. You

are unconsciously

identified with it, so

you don't even know

that you are its

slave. It's

almost as if you


possessed without

knowing it,

and so

you take the

possessing entity

to be yourself. The


of freedom is the


that you are not the


entity — the thinker.


this enables you to


the entity. The

moment you

start watching the

thinker, a

higher level of


becomes activated.

Why is there so much fear of the swine flu?

Why is there so much fear of the swine flu?

Friday night a declaration making the H1N1 swine flu pandemic a national emergency was signed by President Obama. This gives his Health and Human Services Secretary great freedom in the means to fight the growing illness.

According to health authorities, more than 1,000 people – almost 100 of them children – have died from severe H1N1 swine flu symptoms. In addition, Dr. Thomas Frieden estimated Friday that "many millions" of Americans have already suffered from swine flu symptoms; but no one knows an exact number, as many are never tested for positive confirmation.

However, health officials say taking this step is not in response to any one development, and is "largely an administrative move that's more preemptive". It will give hospitals greater flexibility in how they react to the health emergency and how they treat patients with symptoms of swine flu.

In his declaration Obama wrote, "As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic."

Here are some other ideas about the Swine Flu.

swine flu, pandemic, vaccine, hoax, love over fear,

Will this little pig and his buddies

really infect "high risk" groups with

H1N1 Swine Flu? (AP Photo)

Many health experts (especially those financed by the drug industry) will tell you the most effective way to fight the flu, including the H1N1 virus, is to get vaccinated, which causes your own body to make antibodies that target specific illnesses. However, there are other ways to boost your immune system to ward off being sick during the winter.

Boosting your immune system protects you from diseases. It's designed to defend the body against millions of toxins, parasites, bacteria and microbes that would love to invade the body and make it their home, but in order to protect you, your immune system has to be healthy. The best way to have a healthy immune system is with good nutrition. We all need to eat the right foods.

Also, consider the following before getting you or your family vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that certain “high risk” groups get the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine because they are more likely to have serious complications if they develop swine flu. These groups include: pregnant women; caregivers and household contacts of children younger than 6 months; everyone between the ages of 6 months and 24 years and people ages 25 to 64 with existing health problems.

Thus, the CDC want lots of us to get the potentially dangerous vaccine. In 1976 when we had an outbreak of Swine Flu in the US more people died from the vaccine than did from the disease.

So, if you are in one of the “high risk” groups and are feeling pressured to get the vaccine, at least research the entire situation and view the videos below.

Hospitals all over the country are stocking up on face masks and other swine flu prevention stuff. They want us to believe that it's coming to get us. Our medical establishment is now preparing "we the people" to choose fear over love, the swine flu vaccine over the potential of getting flu or perhaps being one of the tiny minority to die from the disease.

If you do nothing else for your health, watch the Ron Paul video and the David Icke video below. Then, forward this on to every person you want to be healthy and allow each one to decide for themselves.

May we awaken to the power of love over the fear spread by those who would keep us divided and conquered so that they can fuel their greed.

May all people be healthy and free from the fear that causes suffering.

What Great Socialist Spoke these words ?

What Great Socialist Spoke these words ?

One of the oddest phenomenons in the United States its capitalist society , and when I say capitalist. My mind immediately retreats to the poster boy of capitalism Mr. Gordon Geko.. "America's role Model & King of Greed, "Greed is Good" It perplexes me that the people who champion this type of greed and are mostly responsible for America's current malaise, are the, dyed in the wool,, hard core, fiscally prudent, socially puritanical conservatives....

OK I live in Europe, and despite the fact that people have no fear of nudity or homosexuals., You might say we are a pretty conservative lot.. Sure we do capitalism too.. and I believe if you check the link you will find many EU countries to be among the top 10 and and also among the top 25 richest in the world, And guess what...

we have socialism too. Scary word for Americans n'est pas? ..

Ok.. let me ask how scary does this sound.. Free Medical, Dental, Education, 0-20.Housing if you have no money, so no homeless., if you lost your job...Full Benefits... forever... for the entire family..

4 weeks paid holiday every year..

in some countries 2 -3 years to stay home with your child at full pay.. Money for your first two children.. about 1600 USD per month..

Most people have homes, many two, there are plenty of jobs even today.. , plenty of food... albeit not so much McDonald's.. but we are getting there..

It is quite sad that even today as your parks fill with people, because they have lost everything.. Many under educated & over educated Americans still believe that unregulated markets are the way forward. even as it is unregulated markets that have caused this meltdown of "their" economy.. Ah that scary ISM with Social attached to it....

The Money Shot" ,,,, The Krypton in "regular Joe the Plumbers.... USA! USA! USA! simple proletarian Armor.. The gotcha strike word of the "Fiscally conservative politicians,

the ones who are almost completely responsible (8years) this near "Perfect Storm" meltdown of the U.S. Gordon Gecko's America..

Sure,,, America is still a powerful and not so wealthy nation.. that we all can agree upon

And yes European economies are in crisis too.. mostly due to the packaged mortgaged loans they bought from American Bankers. that are now worthless.

And yes we have greed too.. see. the part about the packaged loans...

But it is times like these that becomes the true benchmark from which the real economy begins to reveal itself,,,, Its about the people.. all of the people... How can a country define itself as great when all of the people are not take care of..

Would I like to have more money at the end of my pay period. sure.. but i more prefer.. a home, clean energy, good education, free medical, 4 weeks holidays paid every year..That my fellow citizens have the same rights and opportunities.. and yes Democratic Freedoms..

and also I do not want that my country is not trillion dollars indebted to itself therefore leaving itself with nothing.. but Air... We are not perfect over here by a long shot.. but the basic needs of everyone are met.. and if one feels the need to conquer the world .. in order to buy 1000 euro per Sqm for wall paper.. or a 60million dollar home.. then guess what... we are also and democratic. and market based..


Market economies should be looked upon as ongoing process in which the players in the market never know everything, Unregulated markets produce meltdowns which led too greed and antisocial "externalities i.e. No social net for its people which has lead the not so great USA! USA! USA! exactly where it is today. seriously on the back feet..

Of course Jefferson was right as well as many others who written intentions it was, to make a level playing field for all "white men"

and in the end the results of attempting to emulate the good in many european systems of the time and render them wholly American..

"A seriously broken Super Power!. Big Capitalist Guns and No Social brains.... USA! USA! USA!..

but OH Snap! . you guys still have all the talent.. We are just safe and boring Socialist..

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