National Singles Week on September, 2022: What do you think of National Unmarried & Singles Week?

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National Singles Week 2022. Facts for Features: Unmarried and Single Americans Week Sept. 15 ... "National Singles Week" in

What do you think of National Unmarried & Singles Week?

I had no idea this existed, so I didn't celebrate it (I'm single). I'm not sure exactly why this exists either to tell the truth; it seems like another pointless week that somebody with too much time on their hands came up with. If we're going to have it though, have it around Valentine's Day, which is all about the couples, so the singles don't get left out.

Marine Reserve or National Guard?

Marine Reserve or National Guard?

National guard is ok... However, you WILL be deployed as a rifleman either way. Instead of 10 weeks of boot camp, do 13 weeks of pre-rifleman school. Join the USMC. You will be more highly trained, and it will be more benefitial to you as a grunt. However, why do you want to be infrantry? Do something that will help you in the long run... Not give you bad dreams and a doctors note. Why not join the AF? I'm a Marine, a grunt at that... I love my job, but you don't do 5 tours in 14 red zones on being skilled... God is on my side. Your head is in the right place kid, but use it for more than a bullet catcher. Your mom, as mom my did, would want better for you. Also, I look down on no Marine. What makes a Marine is Paris Island or that other place :) we call them hollywood marines, even still. I'd gladly give my life for them all. Being a Marine is like being in the most hardcore fraternity in the world. Do anything, hurt anyone, get hurt for anyone in our tribe. Respect factor. Many people call us jarheads and robots. But only if we aren't holding rifles. I digress... Do something your mom would love, join the airforce and be green zone. Learn a trade... Get a degree, make loads of money, support her. She will thank you 10 fold whereas if you go to war.... You could leave her all alone. Moms don't need pain, they need support.

Grunts have big shoes to fill, but if you are lucky enough to have the brains.... let us handle the brawn, we do it well and we damn sure don't mind :) hope this helps

National singles week, thoughts please :)?

National singles week, thoughts please :)?

All the single ladies now put ur hands up XD *puts hands up* HELL YEAH!

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