Children's Magazine Month on October, 2024: Has anyone heard of child's compass?

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Has anyone heard of child’s compass?

I replied to the ad on Careerbuilder as well. I received a response from Belk and also from the HR dept from Child's Compass.

Here is the email response I received.....

Dear Job Seeker,

Thank you for your interest in the Local Supporter position with our organization! Child'c Compass is a private non-profitable charity organization helping the children in need in the United States. Since 2009 we are helping kids suffering from home abuse and cruelty, as well as abandoned and street-involved kids. Our mission is to bring lasting and positive changes to the lives of children in need and create a better and sustainable future for some of the most disadvantaged and abandoned children.

Many of the children we support lost their homes, friends and families; when we started working with them, we had to provide them with the essentials: get them clothes, some food, medical and psychological assistance. Our goal is to improve their quality of life by meeting their material, physical, social, educational, emotional and spiritual needs. We are proud to have helped over 1,000 kids, however, there is still much to do.

Our oganization has developed a number of programs for child support, which are the following:

a) Clothe & Comfort - collecting new and used clothes, shoes and underwear for children;

b) Joy & Knowledge - collecting old toys, books and magazines for children;

c) Ticket to Europe - an opportunity to personally connect with a child in need and literally buy him/her a ticket to one of European health resorts for a monthly rehabilitation period.

As a Local Supporter, you will be working at home, communicating with your supervisors over the phone and email. For this position we offer a base salary of $2,700 twenty seven hundred per month plus reimbursement of all general expenses. This job would demand 4-5 hours per day, mostly in the morning; your everyday duties will include:

- Picking up donations for children all donations are delivered to your home, no travel required;

- Filling out and submitting accurate reports on received donations report templates are provided;

- Distributing financial aid from our sponsors among our repesentatives in US and Europe;

- Performing other charity activities as given by your supervisor.

Please note that the Local Supporter position doesn't include any fundraising, cold calling or sales activities! All you will be doing is collecting donations, sorting and reporting them, and then forwarding them for the final distribution.

Please reply to this message, if you would like to apply for the Local Supporter position with our charity, and we will email you the employment documentation and additional information on this opening. It would be wonderful, if you could start as soon as possible, since we are short of people and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

Jennifer Stark

Child's Compass HR

Phone: 217 280-4447

Like most of you I also googled and researched the company as I was apprehensive about the whole deal. I also researched Jennifer Stark I found her to be involved with this not for profit group. I also found that her name came up a few times when googled and it states she has/is involved with protecting children against child abuse. Now I also have my reservations about this job as I have been working with child abuse victims for years and I have yet to be paid $2700 every 2 weeks. As a children's advocate we are unfortunately way under paid. Not to mention the fact that they are wanting to connect children with Europe??? What for? Human trafficking?? The goal for children here in the US is permanency. Not sending them on trips to Europe and giving them toys! I requested more info from the HR department. I will let you all know what is sent back to me. Do I feel this is a scam....more than likely YES as it sounds too good to be true! As others stated before...NEVER give out any personal info...SSN, Bank info etc.

How long is children’s long term memory?

How long is children's long term memory?

Years back, scientists and researchers believed a child possessed no real memory skills until their eight or ninth month of life. Parents have been expressing the contrary for quite a long period of time. These myths have stifled professionals and baffled parents, until they recently began to be disproved with fascinating studies.

Latest research into a baby’s memory is really very interesting for both researchers and parents alike. According to an article in American Baby Magazine, February 2000, p.36 entitled Total Recall, a baby’s long term memory can be for as long as twenty-four hours at six weeks old and up to four months time at sixteen months old. This is fascinating because it proves a baby does have specific memory.

Setting up routines on a daily basis is good practice for memory development. This establishes predictability, comfort and healthy expectations. Repeating playtime rituals will help a child remember how to play with a particular toy, learn a particular motor skill and adapt to environment.

It is easier for your child to remember a new skill if it is taught to them several times using short sessions, rather than a few long playtimes. “If you spread eighteen minutes of total playtime over three days instead of two, baby can remember that skill for two weeks,” states Carolyn Rovee-Collier, PhD, of Rutgers University.

Context is very important for baby’s memory skill. They will recall their surroundings, a song or a particular game in their short term memory if nothing about it changes or is taken out of context. Alter one aspect and it will not be recognized by baby even one day later. Adults have a difficult time grasping this reality because, to them, it is insignificant. You will notice if you change a baby’s crib outfit, the toys they play with or the songs you sing; they will have a reaction to this unfamiliarity. (Not necessarily a bad reaction, mind you.)

Short-term memory in a baby has been traced back to prenatal stages as early as the development of the fetus. In the fortieth week, a fetus can remember a stimulus ten minutes later with a lasting memory for up to twenty-four hours. Similar studies are being performed periodically to uncover more findings. These studies are available in medical journals and other similar papers.

Several variables contribute to your child’s memory. In particular, proper nutrition for a child’s first eighteen months is crucial in their long-term memory development, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine. “The authors concluded that nutritional supplementation during the critical first eighteen months of infant development can lead to enduring benefits in working memory,” states the December 1997 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to studies performed by researchers at the University of Iowa, “Some children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) also have memory problems that need separate assessment and treatment.” The ability to tell the difference between learning difficulties (memory retention) as a result of inattention or memory defects and assessing both situations is critical. With the ability to perform memory testing on your child at the first sign of concern, your treatment options are clearer. Remember that a child with a learning disability will also have difficulty with memory, but will be less likely to show this at home. A child with ADHD is not affected environmentally and will show symptoms anywhere.

Why do parents refer to their small child’s age in months rather than years?

Why do parents refer to their small child's age in months rather than years?

Because a 12 month old and a 23 month old are both "1 year old" but there is a world of difference in development. To say "my one year old doesn't talk yet" doesn't mean much if he's 12 months, but is a little worrying at 23, ya know?

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