National Stop Bullying Month on October, 2024: im getting bullied?

October, 2024 is National Stop Bullying Month 2024. Help Stop Bullying Be more than a bystander. Learn how to prevent bullying at school.

im getting bullied?

Stop being nice to him and ignore him. I am a wrestler and I apologize on behalf of all the wrestlers who realize how much of an a$$ that wannabe wrestler is. I am a Junior and haven't had a girlfriend or a single date despite being smart(all As and Bs and four AP classes) and a great wrestler( second at state to a four time champ, second at the biggest national tournament in the country over the summer and looking at D1 wrestling scholarships.) If you are friends with a hot girl you should ask her if she could help you get rid of him by pretending to be your girlfriend or something.

Remember just because you haven't dated half the school doesn't mean anything. Chances are he will never be nice to you, his brain does not reach the level of function that requires, your best bet would be to ignore him or get him to leave you alone.

How do i get through this bullying?

How do i get through this bullying?

I was called Fat And Gay (My Jeans fit on tight because i was fat)

You could:

1) Snitch until she stops

2) Insult her(Not By saying she's lesbian) But by you know say she's jealous that you are in the swimming nationals and all that.

3) Ignore her, Bullying is when the Person feels Big & Important. Pretend it doesn't hurt you.

It Show's her that she's loosing what makes her Cool .

4) Fight back (LAST RESORT I DID THIS AND GOT INTO ALOT OF TROUBLE) You know she said you shaved your legs get her back find something out about her and use it. She Calls you Gay call her Gay back . I did this and in 3 Months everybody gave up because i'd bother them so much until from 8th Grade - Present Everybody was my Friend or In My Group.

again this only a last resort.

Those are the 4 most easiest ways to get people to stop bullying you. Again The 4th One is a last resort i'm saying that because i got suspended over 30 Times in the 8th Grade and nearly got expelled if it did stop the bullying not worth being kicked off The Trips and Not going to Graduation

What causes adults to bully other adults?

What causes adults to bully other adults?

I believe this question keeps getting asked over and over again. And I answer it Groundhog Day style...

First off all, the "art of communication" has absolutely nothing to do with this particular human problem of "bullying."

Some folks during their impressionable, formative years come into contact with other, usually older humans whose brains have been filled with a large reservoir of self-hatred. The contagion spreads to the young, impressionable mind. This young, impressionable mind, in turn, fills up with the self-hatred. it's a vicious cycle and spreads down the generations.

Who are these contaminating adults? They could be conquering soldiers, abusive policemen, insecure teachers, coaches, ministers, principals, bosses, "best friends," class-mates, sibs, district attorneys, judges, etc. You get the picture. In their past, someone else imposed their will on them; thus, today, they pass this coercive, sadistic feeling to others. Note: these emotional weaklings seldom if ever aim their self-hatred upwards. They are cowards. They tend to aim their self-hatred sideways and down, toward the weaker, the vulnerable, the impressionable. And thus that self-hatred meme takes root. It becomes a conditioned (as in Pavlov's dog) behavior to release this self-hatred on the selected "weaker targets." The tragedy is that the bully seldom, if EVER, perceives themselves as a bully! They "are merely following orders"/"following the law," (a classic since Nuremberg); just "doing their job" (who has not heard this one from a supervisor, boss, cop, bureaucrat, judges, etc.? "He had it coming." "It's not me, it's the law," "we used reasonable force," "just say 'uncle' and it stops," "tell us the truth and we let you go," etc.

Why? They tend to be emotionally shallow, as per their conditioning and the bullying "role models." They lack insight into their emotional states, the existence of these evolutionary impulses and the conditioning that triggers them! They feel, it's "normal," "it's the way they are," "it's what's needed to do their job," etc. Nazi Germany brought out the worst of these types, as did the Inquisition. The so-called "war on drugs" and the "war on terror" continue to give these types impunity...

Ever wonder why these individuals GRAVITATED toward those sadistic-need, niche-filling jobs in the first place? There's your answer.

Here's the human tragedy of it all. Evolution embedded in the simian brain (yes, we descend from simians and are a branch ourselves) a series of survival impulses necessary for our tribe to survive One million B.C.

Among these impulses you will experience the sexual impulse, the resentment impulse, the tribal impulse, the territorial impulse, the revenge impulse, the sadistic and masochistic impulses, etc.

Depending on the tribe/culture some of these impulses will be conditioned (as in Pavlov's dog, again!) to accommodate the tribe's (your country, your school, your work, your family) needs at the moment. Example, "your country" got attacked? The national revenge impulse gets stimulated and you're off to war to kill "YOUR COUNTRY'S" "the-enemy-of-the-month." Your hormones get aroused in your brain when you see members of the opposite sex? Well the culture offers marriage, courtship, prostitution, or whatever outlet meets the CULTURE'S needs to keep you in line. It's about the memes you've absorbed.

Now, some impulses get unleashed at the spur of the moment if the individual has been insufficiently "inculturated" due to familial disruption or dysfunction in the socio-economic environment. If so, he will experience a set of retributions from his culture from fines to expulsion to loss of job to incarceration to death or exile. You get the idea.

Traditionally, beyond the schoolyard, bullies eventually find their niche in job situations where such behaviors are rewarded and/or justified. Be alert. If your parents happen to arrive like this. Manipulate them for the time being. It's a time-honored survival practice that will keep you mentally healthy until you turn 18 and can walk away from a dysfunctional situation.

If you feel your brain has been conditioned and has embedded within it these hostile/coercive conditioned "triggers" against the weaker, seek therapy ASAP. Don't go through life resentful and casting about for revenge and sadistic opportunities. You may need to dig two graves.

Learn to forgive them. Resentment will eat your mind like a cancer. Learn to love yourself. Those poor folks never could and probably never will. They have been cast into a human hell and now try to drag down others with them. Don't fall for it. Move on.

Be well.

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