National Good Car Keeping Month on May, 2025: Gas Mileage Improvement - Performance Tips For Car Tires?

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Gas Mileage Improvement - Performance Tips For Car Tires?

1. If you drive 1000 miles a month (US national average), you'll save $576 annually if you keep your tires properly inflated. ($4 per gallon gasoline rate)

2. Check your tire pressure in the morning or when it's cool & the car's not been used yet. Use a digital guage to get an accurate tire pressure reading. Do this at least once a month and you'll see 3 mpg extra on your fuel mileage.

3. Here's a little-known tip -- Replace the air in your tires with nitrogen. Besides giving you 5 mpg more, it will also ensure that your tires stay at the right pressure longer.

Car paint touch up cheap?

Car paint touch up cheap?

There are 2 kinds of answers on cost of painting a car.

First one

Typical costs:

MAACO is a national low-cost chain that can often paint a car for between $250-$400.

Middle of the road auto body shops often will quote prices between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on the amount of work.

Custom body shops can charge $4,000 to $8,000 if it involves removing many parts, changing the color of the car, detailing the engine, rebuilding mechanical parts, chrome plating, etc.

Tip: Be sure to ask about a shop's warranty. Bad paint jobs are notorious for lasting less than three years. Warranties can run five years. A place like MAACO might offer a six month warranty against peeling.

Additional costs:

There are many possible upgrades. Even at a discount shop such as MAACO, some customers will choose to upgrade the paint to a higher-quality one. Customers may also choose additional layers of paint (more than two) or a layer of clear coat.

When cars are repainted, sometimes they need body repairs beforehand. Small repair jobs (dents, etc.) can run $200-$500.

Second one

A poor paint job can cost as little as $800, while the absolute best can top $75,000.

With the combination of labor and materials, a typical paint job will be in the range of $3,000 to $4,500.

Because several layers of each paint are required, a full set of decent materials fall in the range of $1,000 to $1,500. But like everything else, these prices can change dramatically based upon quality.

Top-of-the-line paints can cost well more than $5,000, while the lowest tiers can be found for only a few hundred dollars.

In order to protect your new painted car, you'd better prepare a quality car cover for protection. You can cover your car when you parked it outdoor/indoor/parking lot/on the street. It can keep your car against dust, rain, scratches, bird dropping,etc.

national guard or military?

national guard or military?

You can forget about all that "not getting deployed" stuff, even in the National Guard, which IS a part of the military, by the way.

If you join any branch of the military(which includes the National Guard) these days, you stand a better then average chance of deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan.

You will operate under the same rules and requirements of the regular Army when deployed, and you will face the same boredom, excitement, danger, bad food, good friends, jackasses and everything else that they do.

If you do deploy, bank on being gone for about a year at a time. Six months is an Air Force deployment.

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