National Haiku Writing Month on February, 2025: is my writing any good? please help?

February, 2025 is National Haiku Writing Month 2025. national haiku writing month National Haiku Writing Month

is my writing any good? please help?

I'd say go for it and talk to your English teacher, if he/she is the kind of person you can talk to about this. They will probably be pleased with your interest in writing and would definitely be a big help to you :)

Your writing doesn't flow very well. One suggestion I'd make is to read your writing out loud after you write it, you'll be able to detect the flow more easily that way. The first part reads more like a succession of statements and individual sentences than as an entire whole.

"As she observed the scene around her, she saw a crisp, white covering..." You've already introduced the snow and described it extensively in the first part. The readers know what the white covering is. Why not just call it snow? It sounds very strange and awkward like this.

Stop it with the snow already! This unnecessary description bogs down the paragraph and slows down the pacing horribly. I'm bored already. Yes, I know there is snow and it's pretty and amazing and everything. Can something actually happen now, please? Here were have a girl stuck in a frozen wasteland, in danger of frostbite and hypothermia and everything, and all I hear about is snow. There is no tension here whatsoever. I don't feel worried for the girl, because the narrator here doesn't seem to be worried and is much more concerned with the description of snow.

"Willow’s almond shaped eyes" It should be almond-shaped eyes. Also, that piece of information suddenly inserted there is rather jarring and out-of-nowhere. Why do I need to know the shape of her eyes. Is this relevant to the story? Same thing with the snow. I understand that it may be relevant, but I do not need to read whole paragraphs of purple prose about it, I'm sure. Even though I've never seen snow in my life (woe is me) I still know roughly what it looks like. A little poetic description is fine, but too much just makes your story painful to read.

I hope this helps. All the best in your writing for NaNo! :) I admire your dedication at such a young age; I was always too lazy to stick with the challenge for more than a couple of days, hahah. Have fun.

(I don't know much about haikus, but they sound rather awkward to me. Some of the phrases are obviously forced inside. All I can say is keep practicing. Some of the lines are quite lovely.)

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I really want to be an exchange student in japan?

I really want to be an exchange student in japan?

My niece, in Australia, was an exchange student to Japan during her Junior year of h-s (1990) - she was sponsored by a district Rotary Club which also paid her round-trip travel costs. The family she stayed with own a farm and live four hours, by train, west of Tokyo. Only one person in the home (a girl of 15) spoke any English so this was a good atmosphere for Di to be in - she now has her Doctorate in Japanese Language and Culture but her chosen career is as a Chemical Engineer - she's an expert in calligraphy and sumi-e (ink and brush painting) but, with two young children, hasn't much time for this. Oddly (perhaps?) my sister hadn't told Di that, before she was born, I had Japanese friends and learned Enough to Get By On which came in 'handy' when my husband and I lived there for few months - we were only 40 miles west of Narita Airport (two hours to drive 40 miles).

One of the first things I wish to point out to you is the fact that, with the Rotarians, you would be expected to be one of the top students in your class and, most likely, needsto have a 3.4 GPA, or above, while afs accepts students as low as 2.8. Sorry, I couldn't help but notice the incorrect spelling of the word 'accept' which, as 'except', substantially changes the meaning, So - nose in books is the Order of the day!

It's my opinion that sending a student with a 2.8 GPA (is that a C plus?) detracts from the purpose of sending an exchange student to a foreign land. You are also expected to have spent time in community service - reading to hospital or hospice patients is one you might consider or walking dogs for the (don't know name here) - is it Guide Dogs for the Blind? I'm sure you can think of many which interest you. And ...btw, keep your women's lib 'stuff' to yourself as it won't be appreciated by the many who adhere to ancient customs.

Suggest waiting until next year before you invest time 'reading and writing', it's more important for you to develop 'an ear' for the language and become somewhat comfortable speaking it. Also suggest you wait until you're 16 before being in the country - it will give you that extra year to become ready.

It's too soon to consider culture shock - you need a few more years 'under your belt' and I hope some of this time includes visits to one, or more, countries which speak a foreign tongue. The country you've chosen is one which has a very orderly form of culture and way of living which you can read about online : Search 'Culture of Japan: art, flowers' (for example). Read up on Buddhist beliefs and bear in mind that most homes have a shrine to the gods they worship.which, of course, is an off-limits area. .

I've been making Japanese sky, earth, sea ,flower arrangements for 50 years and been doing origami figures longer than that. Haiku is a revered tradition among the Jaoanese - I came in Third (!) in a National Haiku contest with the very first piece of Haiku I ever wrote! (in 2006 and I'm proud-proud of this.) Google 'Haiku' and learn something about its' form - you should enjoy it - all poems are short since, correctly, only 17 syllables should be in it. Japan is very traditional and formal, and the Japanese are exceptionally polite and reserved unless wishing to get off an elevator or on/off the bullet train... you will be pulled along with the people-traffic.

Suggest you, also, Google 'typical Japanese meals' and may be surprised to learn that noodles often take the place of the anticipated rice. You would be a most welcome guest if you prepared a few meals while there - stick with the natives as it makes shopping easier. Oh - don't forget that sneezing in public is frowned upon - many people wear face-masks. Use Japanese toilets when you have the choice between western and Japanese - they're much cleaner (don't forget to bring a pack of Kleenex in with you - you'll find the step-on flush next to the hole in the floor). My use of the Japanese toilets, probably, saved me two hours a week (and I was stared at, and glared at, by the Western women!). .

Hope all works out for you - you should find the websites informative!

Edit: Search for question,

Why is Japan(esp. Tokyo) such an epensive place to live? Has much information for you.

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