National African American History Month on February, 2025: Is Black History Month racist?

February, 2025 is National African American History Month 2025. NAACP & Black History FAQ Learn about the NAACP & Black History. You can make a Difference.

Is Black History Month racist?

No, Black History Month is not racist. National History and Heritage months are simply months that we take the time to celebrate the contributions of different groups here in America. Black History Month in February, is no different Women's History month in March, Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15 or Polish American Heritage Month in October. These months are not racist or feminist; they are set aside to celebrate and pay tribute to groups of people who's accomplishments and contributions are otherwise overlooked.

Should we get rid of Black History month..?

Should we get rid of Black History month..?


I dont understand why black history month should be eliminated for something your school obviously made a mistake with or whatever teacher was in charge of showing that video to you young ones in school. Obviously if in college people would understand but showing reality to high school or younger its not a good idea because of this kind of misunderstandings. I think your school did very wrong and instead of showing history in a safe way (even if its a lie and pretending to be a positive thing back in the days) but they should have considered to show black history month to be only about blacks who achieved a positive way to approach the slavery problem by fighting for equal rights and human rights. It was not necessary to put slavery torture pics and stuff like that of hate and suffering because this brings problems and negativism in the learning of young minds like yourselves.

Then like I said black history month should not be eliminated because its important for all of us (I mean ALL of us) to understand the meaning of human rights and equality in the USA...the positive ways of some black people in history and recognizing their achievements not only in slavery but in other things such as inventions and other things that dont relate to learning and reading in those days for blacks were prohibited and how some of them found ways to help others to succeed among them by educating themselves back in those rough times. Why should white people feel offended for something historical instead of going against it, they should support it and be part of it too.

The truth of factual events should not make white people feel bad unless they are racist and still believe blacks should are inferior and should be slaves...truth is white people were monsters and not only with blacks among themselves like hitler was and with natives too...but this does not mean this generation has something to do with was in the past.

Does any other race have a "history month"?

Does any other race have a "history month"?

November is National American Indian Heritage month, but most people do not know about it. It's not taught in school the way Black History month is.

Ironic that Thanksgiving, a holiday that many Natives don't even celebrate, falls in the same month.

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