Popcorn Days on September, 2022: Activities for a movie,popcorn,pj day at school?

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Popcorn Days 2022. Happy National Popcorn Day! - Crushable It's National Popcorn Day,

Activities for a movie,popcorn,pj day at school?

use that popcorn & soda/water bottles (use color dye and flavored water) for each Team!

get raw kernal corn, (NOT MICROWAVE bags) get lunch brown bags, scotch tape.

The week or two days before, let them COLOR the bags-decorate it with Movie theme stuff or what ever, Put their name on the BOTTOM of the bag, get some kernal corn and let "Them" put in two scoops=1/4 cup of popcorn into their bag, THe fold the top over twice and scotch tape it down.

Since the popcorn is plain, (it can be popped and sit for hours and over night if put into a sealed plastic trashbag.)... so retrieve the decorated bags and let the "teachers aid" pop the corn at nap time and put away, and pass out the juice box at the event. Great for all ages.

That way they can take home what they don't eat, and its art as well.

[try it out exactly at home- teacher, it works]

I would use the "Themes" to get the kids moving....

Racing stripes- Use animals, name/ match game.

A race around the courtyard, make each one an animal and they have to act like it and run like one...Everyone is a winner.

Casper- Make Parachutes of white clothe and have a teacher drop them and watch the ghost fly. OF better yet, a glow in the dark- scavenger hunt. In teams, and name them from movie characters and have Halloweenie fun.

[never seen it] ???Benchwarmers-I assume its sports related...So use that character building exercises, along with actual physical ones. A relay race is a popluar thing for team drills.

Anyone looking forward to celebrating Popcorn Day on February 14th?

Anyone looking forward to celebrating Popcorn Day on February 14th?

Well...I celebrate popcorn day pretty much everyday. :) I love popcorn, and it's such a healthy late night snack as long as you don't load it with butter. :P

V-day is going to be pretty scary though since it's my first v-day with a boy...ahhh!!

if eating popcorn all day airpopped and tofu?

if eating popcorn all day airpopped and tofu?

That particular diet would be considered a "fast" and not recommended. Lets say you did it for a day, okay fine, but an extended period of time would be bad. There is nothing beneficial for your body in popcorn and tofu is only protein and fiber, where are your vitamins and minerals that the body must have to survive? There not there!

I wouldn't recommend this as a diet!!!

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