National Indoor Plant Week on September, 2024: Indoor azaleas - will they bloom all year long & a indoor tree (ficus ?)problem?

National Indoor Plant Week 2024. National Indoor Plant Week National Indoor Plant Week

Indoor azaleas - will they bloom all year long & a indoor tree (ficus ?)problem?

"Light green" thumb - cute!

azaleas bloom in the spring. Once, then they're done until next season. Prune after blooms are spent for increased bloom in spring.

They like acidic soil = epsom salts are an inexpensive alternative to "miracid" augment with MiracleGro.

Azaleas will take full sun to partial shade. Pretty frost tollerant -- Augusta National Golf Course is a good example of very nice specimines.

Ficus don't like to be moved. They are pretty persnickity about watering, never like being too wet, nor too dry. shedding is normal, but with yellowing leaves and profuse shedding could be disaster.

HELP :where could we go for an indoor picnic?

HELP :where could we go for an indoor picnic?

hehehehehehe. Go to the tropics on the train or the National Express bus.

All the way from lovely Surrey to the deepest south west at Torbay and the wonderful Eden Centre.

Then sit in a rainforest where it doesn't rain cos the steamy sprinklers are going all the time and have yourself a really hot steamy picnic.

Here's a joke. It's an industrial plant they made, set up in the lush vegetation... haha

Or sit in the cooler Mediterarean dome and have a picnic where the sandwiches don't turn into soggy porridge in your hands haha.

The rainforest dome is really rainforest and it's very hot and steamy.

There's also a very nice cafe there with a turf roof and it's a great place to sit for a meal.

cypermethrin ,what is it?

cypermethrin ,what is it?

Seems kind of sketchy...

Cypermethrin is a synthetic compound primarily used as an insecticide. It acts as a fast-acting neurotoxin in insects. It is easily degraded on soil and plants but can be effective for weeks when applied to indoor inert surfaces. Exposure to sunlight, water and oxygen will accelerate its decomposition. It is a synthetic pyrethroid.

Cypermethrin is highly toxic to fish, bees and aquatic insects, according to the National Pesticides Telecommunications Network (NPTN).

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