National Knuckles Down Month on April, 2024: My 30 yr old son moved in with me 5 mos.ago. It has turned my life upside down

April, 2024 is National Knuckles Down Month 2024. National Knuckles Down Month – Scouting the Fox! April is National Knuckles

My 30 yr old son moved in with me 5 mos.ago. It has turned my life upside down

Well the bottom line is he is an adult, ur under no legal obligation & little moral one to support him this way. He should be working & paying a room rental fee plus some for utilities. He has to keep his area clean & cared for just like any other renter. Plus its HIS responsibility to get himself to & from work. He's just going to have to knuckle down & talk to his dad or take the bus part way. Flat out - u have ur own life to live & take care of. He is not an innocent or helpless child who cant provide for himself. (like ur 15 yr old). I didnt hear u mention he has any kids living there (hopefully not) so theres no reason why he cant keep things better picked up & take himself on the bus or bike partway or carpool or whatever.

As for ur BF - sorry but son has NO say in what u do w/ ur BF. U need to tell him that ur BF is part of ur personal life & its not his choice who u r with or friends with or do things with. Its not only none of his business, but as long as he resides in ur house he WILL be polite & respectful to YOUR guests, no matter who they r or he will have to leave.

Too bad, his chauffeur wants a day off! Well, maybe he should find another way to get himself to work for once. Tell him NO. Sorry, I'm the parent here & Im also not ur maid, I can make plans whenever I want - & thats just tough luck for u. I dont have to ask u for permission to make plans, nor do I have to clear anything w/ u. Like it or lump it. I STRONGLY recommend that u set a specific deadline for him getting his license paid off & a new vehicle. If he says he can do this in 1 day, be lenient; give him 2 wks, then give him 2 wks to find a beater. Tell him after that date u will NO longer provide him any transportation.... unless he has cleared it 3 days ahead of time w/ u & pays for 2x/gas used price amount & ONLY 1x a week! Thats more than fair for a 30 yr old man. And dont be worried about if he will be broke again after that, at least he'll have a car & license & job, which is enough. Ur worrying just results in him getting hand outs he doesnt need or deserve which in result guarantee that he wont use his money responsibly.

If u continue to let him stay, he also needs to provide his own food or pay u at least $100/mo for food since that is the bare min national avg that an adult eats a month. The bottom line here is that he DOES feel like he can inconvenience u & treat u like his maid & act like he's a helpless child... its got to stop & u have to make it stop, b/c he never will.... why would he give away a chicken that lays golden eggs for free for him? Tell him to set aside some money from his taxes & expect to start paying rent the month he gets it. Write up a rental agreement with him that states that 3 mos or more of non payment of rent is grounds for eviction. Specify that he is too keep his area neat, clean, garbage in receptacles, no food laying around, dirty laundry in proper area, no smoking indoors, quiet after 10 pm, etc. Even a handwritten agreement like this is court admissible (u might not want to mention that tho).

What is a good major for me?

What is a good major for me?

One of my best friends at Pomona College was a National Merit Scholar. He was too lazy to study or go to class, and thought he could rely on his inner intelligence to get through. That only worked for the first semester, then he started bombing tests. He took a semester off to gather his thoughts, and then came back for a third semester, all ready to knuckle down. Then he started skipping classes again, and flunked out. He ended up joining the Navy, but never got any promotions, and left after his enlistment was up. The last I heard, he was working as a clerk.

Moral: You should know that I'm not gonna tell you.

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what will your response be ???????

what will your response be ???????

Of course we are all in it together. We will struggle to pay our mortgage, they will have to think about reducing the amount of caviar they have on their toasted snacks. It is tough for them. Most of the top leaders are only getting a few thousand a day on their family fortunes so it is about time we the happy population knuckled down and helped them out.

I am thinking that we need to raise the tax on everyone on less than £20k to 75% that way we should be able to ensure that our leaders can keep all of their homes nice and warm and that the vast array of very necessary luxury goods that we paid for them to have can be maintained in tip top condition.

When you think about it, it wont be much of a rise for us. We already pay 23% income tax, another 11% percent or so on the National Insurance so that we can wait 18 months to have an operation, and by the time you add all the other revenues on Fuel etc we are probably at about 51% of each pound we take home going back to the exchequer.

The average pay is £25k although if you took all the millionaire salary's out of the equation it is probably nearer £16k at the top end so we need to stop moaning and give everything we can to our leaders. Yep we are all in this together

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