Save Your Vision Month on March, 2025: UK TV Viewers, BT Vision or Sky?

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UK TV Viewers, BT Vision or Sky?

I'm a BT Vision person now myself, so my vote goes for that too. I used to be with Sky, but for the money, it wasn't worth it. Loads of channels, nothing to watch. I haven't missed it at all since we switched to Vision.

On BT Vision, there is on demand content for some of what you mentioned. Discovery, Nat Geo, kids pack. There used to be Living On Demand, but that got removed a while back, not sure why. Heroes and Flash Forward is also available on demand. There's no Bravo or Sci-Fi though.

You will find that BT Vision will be a season or 2 behind Sky, but the upside to the service is no adverts, no annoying on-screen graphics and full seasons of shows to watch - so no need to wait for a new episode each week. If you don't mind being slightly behind, you'll enjoy the service. Also, if you're not into Sports or Movies, then with BT Vision, that's 2 viewing packs not needed, so you could just get the bronze value pack, and save your money.

Lost season 6 is currently being shown on Sky i believe. BT Vision is showing seasons 1-5, so yeah, they're only behind by 1 season, but showing all the previous ones right now:

True Blood Season 1 is also on it's way to BT Vision too:

If watching Boxing matches is a must, you won't be satisfied with BT Vision. Live PPV-style Boxing matches will probably be broadcast through Sky Box Office i.e. Sky TV.

How can i increase my eye vision?

How can i increase my eye vision?

Sorry, but no. The only thing you can do is save your money and when your eyes have been stable for 18 months or longer then you can get lasik or RK to restore your vision to perfect or better. But for now if you want to see perfect you will need to wear glasses or contacts.

Vision Insurance?

Vision Insurance?

There ARE vision plans -- most stink. You can look online, etc. Most are discount plans.

The alternative (which is often available) is to see whether or not the optical store you go to has any such internal plan. They often provide this service, not just to save you money, but to guarantee that you continue going to them (instead of to a competitor).

The problem with vision insurance is exactly what you are talking about. EVERYONE who just wants vision insurance already needs glasses, contacts, or some such thing. It is guaranteed to cost the insurer a certain amount of money, so the premiums need to reflect, not only the guaranteed cost of the contacts, but eye surgery, etc.

Health insurance absorbs these costs within the overall premium (which must account for the fact that some might contract cancer, but most will need virtually no health care all year).

This is why vision plans are almost all "discount" plans.

Let your fingers do the walking, on the internet. You will find some plans, but do not expect to save as much as you might hope.

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