National Pro-Life T-shirt Week on April, 2025: Life T-shirt Week - Pro-life teeshirt week?

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Pro-life teeshirt week?

It would look really tacky--if you really want to wear a pro-life t-shirt, just get some cheap t-shirts and make them pro-life with some t-shirt paint (you can get both t-shirts and paints at craft stores or discount stores).

Honestly, don't safety pin paper to your shirts--nobody will take you seriously.

why the abortion happen?

why the abortion happen?

Abortion is a terrible act. They cut the arms, legs, and head off of the baby. And they have done ultrasounds while an abortion is taking place, which shows the baby actually flinching and trying to move away from the scissors. A baby is not a problem or a choice, it's a human life that has value on Earth the second it is created. I am not at all a "Bible Thumper" but, I have morals. And I believe that abortion is just about the wrongest thing there is. I believe that there are certain circumstances where abortion is not okay, but may be necessary.

- When the mother was raped.

- If it was incest.

- If the mother and child are at risk of death.

Other than that, I see no reason to kill a child. If a woman went out and irresponsibly had sex, and gets pregnant; she should NOT have the right to kill the baby. First of all, the baby didn't do anything. It didn't bring itself into this world. It didn't want to ruin anyone's life. Second of all, people shouldn't be so careless with their sex lives and they need to learn to be more serious about it. Finally, if I can get pregnant and take responsibility for my child at only 17, they can too. That baby has a heart beat within the first 28 days. That baby has thumb prints by the time it is 20 weeks old. That baby can hear sounds at 15 weeks. That baby is just like you, it wants to breathe, wants to love, wants to smile. And it never will, because it's not even allowed to have a birthday!

I have a t-shirt. One the front, it says "National Pro-life Cup cake Day!" and on the back, it says "Because not every child is allowed to have a birthday." How sad is that? If abortion is a woman's right, what right does the child have? The child is just as much of a person as you are. Why doesn't it have the right to be born? Why do we let women walk around and use abortion as a form of birth control? Why do we allow murder? It IS murder. Those babies try to move away from the scissors, they don't want to die. Yet they do it anyway. Which proves that it is murder and that's not anything to do with God, because I'm not religious. I just feel that a baby is a baby, no matter how big. And they shouldn't be killed for someone else's stupid mistakes. They should be carried to term and then given to a loving family. There are about 6 families that I know of right now that need a baby, because they can't have children. And they never get the babies because no one wants to give them to them. If a woman doesn't want her baby, it should be given to a loving family. And ther ARE families to take babies. Families don't want grown children, they want newborn babies. And if the mother really did do the right thing, they could find a family for that baby within a day's time.

They are selfish, lazy, and inconsiderate. Those women absolutely disgust me and they are the lowest form of life on this planet. They rank right along side the murderers in my opinion, and I will never talk to a woman or even look at a woman who killed her baby for her own selfish purposes.

OH, and just a quick fact.

Only 1% of all abortions are due to rape or incest.

Only 6% of all abortions are due to health problems in the mother and fetus.

A whole 93% of all abortions are due to SOCIAL pruposes.

That is basically saying that the people who are "pro-choice" because of rape and health problems are full of BS. Because, the real fact of the matter is that 93% of woman get abortions for their own selfish needs. And the people who are pro-choice are supporting them like it's okay. That is equally as disgusting in my opinion, absolutely disgusting.

Teen Moms: What is teen parenting like?

Teen Moms: What is teen parenting like?

I think that you should try for adoption. I think that you are honestly too young to care for a child, but that all depends on you. If you honestly think that you can be mature enough to really put the baby first, then by all means try for adoption. But, in my honest opinion, babies shouldn't die for your stupid mistake. Yeah, abortion is a woman's right, but what right does the child being aborted have? None. And 40% of all abortions after 22 weeks aren't successful and babies are born severely disabled. I have a t-shirt that says on the front "National Pro-Life cup cake day!" and on the back it says "Because not every child is allowed to have a birthday." That is a terrible and sad thing to do, to take a life from a child because you had sex. I think that every child deserves life. And abortion can scar you in more ways than you know. Abortion is not just a form of birth control that you can use to solve a small problem. Pregnancy is a serious thing and it requires a lot of thought. Abortion can be really tough, especially when you find out that they cut the arms, legs, and head off of the baby to kill it. And di you know that they have taken ultrasounds while doing an abortion and saw that the baby flinched and tried to move away from the scissors? How sad is that? Very. And it shouldn't be taken lightly.

I think you need to talk to someone. Not your mom or a random adult, but an agent at Planned Parenthood or an adoption agent. They will help tell you what your options are. Of course you can get an abortion, it's your right, but it's NOT moral. I wouldn't keep the baby unless you really know you can care for it. Adoption would be the best idea, and you can even work it out with the parents to where you can see the baby sometimes and things like that. It can be a wonderful experience. I'm 17 and pregnant, but I'm keeping my daughter. Only because I know that I can do it and because I'm going to be a good mom. I wish you all the luck in the world, but I beg and ask of you to think about it before you just go killing a human being. Abortion is so much more than just a temporary solution to your problem. And a baby isn't a choice or a problem, it's a human life and it has value in the world the second that it is created.

Be careful and good luck,


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