National Roller Skating Month on October, 2024: should i still continue to skate?

October, 2024 is National Roller Skating Month 2024. National Roller Skating Month - Sublime Media Connection October is National Roller

should i still continue to skate?

Ouch, they don't teach group classes to Gamma level skaters?? It makes me feel appreciative for once that the mexican federation at least has that.

Well, if you can't even get a part-time job because of awkward laws of your country and your parents can't afford you to skate with rentals, there really isn't much you can do. If you were a Novice skater that had won your national championship and were learning the Double Axel as we speak, I could see your federation trying to find a way to sponsor your skating (local government can sponsor skaters at least in Mexico and the US).

However, since you're only a Gamma level skater, you won't find sponsors unless people in your school did it or you had a coach that could coach you for free and such.

By the time you turn 18 and can legally work, you'll be too old to start the sport. The only choices you could have here is to either get a school scholarship to live in another country to study (but then you'd still have to pay for your skating but at least you could work if you're over 14 at least), or at least do roller skating (but with roller figure skates, not the cheap plastic inline skates). If you bought used skates you'd save a lot of money. You'd still be able to practise many figures (though I could never do a 3-turn on wheels if my life depended on it) and even if the only thing you could do was crossovers, you'd save a lot of money on ice rink fees working on exercises you master on concrete.

The last choice which is obviously one you don't want is to quit the sport since you love it. But unless your parents could earn more cash to at least take you skating on your own when they can and you teach yourself, you won't be able to do much about your situation. :(

Figure skating... begginer...?

Figure skating... begginer...?

Sounds like you're already pretty coordinated and stuff, so I don't think figure skating will be very hard for you. I started lessons six months ago and have just started axels now, and I don't dance or do gymnastics or anything. Plus I only got to the rink 1 or 2 times a week. I have a friend who's 21 and used to be a competitive gymnast, and he's already working on half rotation jumps after a month of just skating around with me and my friend during public sessions. Don't worry about your age too much. I'm younger than most of the people in my level by a good five years, but that doesn't bother me. It was a little weird, though, when I just started in the alpha/beta classes and I was five years older- but I progressed quickly and pretty soon was with the older girls. Personally, I feel that beginner skills such as crossovers/two foot spins/backward and forward stroking/edges were really easy, so you should pick those up quickly and move on pretty soon to the fun stuff like single jumps and more complex spins. You have a better background for skating than most people- dance, gymnastics, horseback riding. You're all set to begin to the best sport of all- figure skating!

About the things you need- skates most definitely. Talk to someone at your rink, maybe one of the coaches. That would be easier, I think, than me telling you everything you need to know about skates. Gloves and light jackets and stuff like that would be helpful too- don't dress too warmly! You'll warm up quick!

Good luck to you, and don't hesitate to ask with anymore questions!


Roller-Skates , Jump-Ropes , Little League , Cub Scouts , Brownies , Climbing Trees

Roller-Skates , Jump-Ropes , Little League , Cub Scouts , Brownies , Climbing Trees , and Childrens Laughter?

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