National Soul Food Month on June, 2024: How much base house allowance does the Army National Guard give you?

June, 2024 is National Soul Food Month 2024. "National Soul Food Month"

How much base house allowance does the Army National Guard give you?

Really, you get no BAH for the reserves. You get paid for your weekends and 2 weeks a year. Yes there is a special category for the two weeks but you sold your soul to the Devil and could prove extreme hardship you still would not get it. Even if you did that is only 2 weeks. Time to scratch that plan and again no matter what there is no BAH FOR ANY OTHER TIME in the NG.... period.

Even if you had all of your school totally paid for including the dorm how are you going to live on $200 a month drill pay? You can't. You would have to get a job. You certainly are not going to get your own apartment since you have to factor in utilities even if you get a roomate. You might swing being someone's roomate for $400 a month so you still don't have any money for that and everything else. So you are going to need a job no matter what.

Have you considered going active? Take a few classes while in, get out and then go to college. If you don't party all of the time (but some) and not spend money on stupid stuff you can sock away a huge amount of money in 4 years.

And shoot. Current GI bill will actually give you money to pay rent in many cases if enrolled full time.

Should our politicians hang their heads in shame?

Should our politicians hang their heads in shame?

The British people as whole should be hanging their heads in shame for allowing this Country to be dragged down to this level and doing feck all about it. Contrary to what other posters have put it's not just those on benefits receiving these handouts - there are also many working families who, having been hit by incessant price rises coupled with low wages and no pay increase, are struggling to keep body and soul together.

In actual fact with the 5.2% rise in pensions and many benefits this month it's the workers who are suffering the most. My mother-in-law's pension and benefits rose by nearly £9 a week this month, that's over £14,000 a year now - my wife and I haven't seen a pay rise for over 3 years.

Ironic that a Country which sends billions abroad in foreign aid and has "chuggers" accosting the population for money for overseas aid on every High Street, can turn a blind eye to the dire straits of it's own.

Best places to eat in Athens, GA?

Best places to eat in Athens, GA?

You've gotta try the locally owned Five Star Day. There are two locations in Athens, one downtown on Broad Street and one on the east side, at the corner of College Station and Barnett Shoals road. They serve 'gourmet soul food' and also serve local coffee chain Jittery Joe's coffee. It is excellent and it's one of the things I miss most about Athens.

The Varsity is good but just as greasy/salty/fried as McD's.

The Grill is downtown and is great if you want a burger and milkshake. Last Resort, as well as Five and Ten, are both great but more upscale and expensive. Cali N Titos is a fairly new place on Lumpkin that is more Cuban or Carribbean, I think, I haven't been but I know they at least have fried plantains. The most excellent Mexican food I've ever had, anywhere, is at Agua Linda on Prince Avenue. Hope that gets you started.

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