Vision Research Month on June, 2024: Lazy eye and vision therapy?

June, 2024 is Vision Research Month 2024. Vision Research Systems‎ Bright Field Imaging, ERG & OCT for Comprehensive Animal Eye Research.

Lazy eye and vision therapy?

I think vision therapy is supposed to help people of any age. Athletes use vision therapy to improve their golf games or baseball games. Visit the sites below and double check with them.

Try to find clinical research that supports the efficacy of vision therapy for your specific condition.

Is this 0bama’s vision for America?

Is this 0bama's vision for America?

If you continue your research, you will find that every single city run by democrats and their "nanny state" mentality, are the same: poor, drug-infested, triple-generation welfare recipients who are punished by the system with their welfare payments and food stamps pulled IF they find employment, but since any job they get would not pay them until the end of the second week of employment and since they would not be eligible for medical benefits until three months, they find themselves trapped in the welfare/medicaid system and thats where they remain, generation after top it off, fathers are pushed out of the homes because they are declined benefits for most programs if father is still living in the home.

Obama's vision of America: A dictator-style nanny state. He believes that America was founded illegally by a bunch of mean white slave owners. He believes the Constitution should be void because he never got a vote on it.......He believes that Venezuela and Cuba are model societies.

This explains alot. People, mainly economists, are scratching their heads wondering why Obama is doing the exact opposite of what history has shown would put us back in the seat of prosperity

in America. The reason is simple: Obama wants to transform America, remake it in his image and in his own vision. That means he must change the economy over from a Free market Capitalist system, but he can't do that unless that free market system implodes and burns to the ground.

Obama is helping it along. Why do you think Obama is even willing to give up a second term to get healthcare reform passed? Why do you think Congress is willing to give up their majority to get it passed? BECAUSE IT IS A HUGE PORTION OF OUR ECONOMY AND OBAMA NEEDS CONTROL OF IT IN ORDER TO DESTROY IT.

This explains why Obama is going industry-by-industry and putting them in jeopardy of going out of business. This is why Obama is spending like crazy. This is why he hasnt adddressed the two things that he promised to fix during the campaign: The housing market crash and the credit lending freeze. Obama is happy that millions of people are losing their jobs. This is all part of a huge plan to allow our economy to implode and die.......and then Obama rides in on his white horse and fixes everything with his brand new communist system.

When they pass the healthcare reform, ALL AMERICANS, regardless of how much money you have, will be turned into welfare clinic patients. Doctors won't be able to stay in business unless they see four or five patients in one exam room at a time.

Obama agrees with communist nations AND TERROR NATIONS that Americans have been selfish and living too high a lifestyle. So Obama promises to make all Americans who get a paycheck, will have to pay a new "REPARATION" tax out of their paycheck to pay other nations for our selfish use of energy for the past 60 years. Americans are about to be taken to the woodshed and instead of Obama helping other nations to bring up the lifestyles of their own people, he thinks its a better idea TO BRING YOUR LIFESTYLE DOWN TO MEET THE MEDIOCRITY OF OTHER NATIONS.

We are in very big trouble here in America. On top of having a wacko communist in the White House and ultra-radicals roaming the halls of Congress and the Senate, we also have leaders who are such cowards that they worship at the feet of political correctness to the point where we have

Islamic murderers who now have over 35 terror training camps in AMERICA. They blew up a neighbors fir tree last week. Oh, buy my,my, we can't offend muslims, right? Bull. Political correctness needs to be crap-canned and these America-haters thrown out before we are all dead.

I left a website; watch the video footage of a Camp in Virginia where they teach them how to slit Americans throats and one muslim states that muslims are now the majority in America and therefore this Nation BELONGS TO THEM AND WHEN THEY GIVE THE ORDER, THE THROAT SLICING BEGINS. They teach stealth tactics to even climb the walls of YOUR HOME to enter thru bedroom windows.

Obama is destroying our economy; he has only begun to punish Americans for our "sins". He is too much of a liberal puss to understand that when Islam says they are at war with the west, ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE AT WAR WITH THE WEST. Instead Obama insists its just a few radicals.

No, its the mainstay of Islam - to convert or murder all unbelievers, period. And we are next.

Even our own military knows that Obama is going to turn against American citizens if they oppose his radical changes and oppression. See my link and read the ten orders that our military REFUSE TO FOLLOW IF OBAMA GIVES THEM, because they would be contrary to our Constitutional rights as American citizens.

God help us all; if Obama doesn't destroy us first, Islam is waiting to give the order to kill us and our children to live in our houses and enjoy their new Country. Our futures j

PEW rat? Vision problems?

PEW rat? Vision problems?

All rats have poor vision, but rats with lighter eyes will have a bit worse vision than normal. It really doesn't affect them at all, sometimes they just sway their head more than other rats, it is no reason not to get one. If you get any rat with light pigment this will happen, not with just a pew. So to answer the question they have somewhat bad vision, but they do not have vision problems.

I have never known pew rats to be calmer than other rats. I have sometimes heard that dumbo rats are calmer than standard, but neither of these things are proven. If you do get a pew, I don't think that it will affect her personality, all rats will just be different, but it isn't affected by their pigment.

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