National Two Different Colored Shoes Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: Homeschool Mom ready to throw in the towel. What do you do when the child just won't learn?

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Monday, May 3, 2021 is National Two Different Colored Shoes Day 2021. halfwit holidays: May 3rd: National Two Different Color Shoes Day ... National Two Different Color

Homeschool Mom ready to throw in the towel. What do you do when the child just won’t learn?

Have you ever sat on a bus, train or even a doctor's office for an extremely long time with nothing to do? What did you do to kill time? Did you grab a stray newspaper or magazine or even just focus on the same ad or painting on the wall? I'm sure you did! We all do! And, I'm sure you retained what you saw, especially if you saw it again. You might have even found what you stared at or read enough to do a little research on the subject, even if that research was nothing more than commenting about it with a friend and chatting about the subject.

If you incorporate the same notion at home, you would be surprised just how much your daughter will learn! Post a few things in her room with fun yet factual imagery. You can find all kinds of things at a teacher's supply store, some of which I have even seen at Staples. And no, I'm not saying to go all Times Square on it, but little things do add up!

Start with taking her to a store and buying her a calendar with pictures she likes. Not only will she have a picture that changes every month, but she will learn the days of the week, the months of the year, counting to 28-31 (depending on the month), and perhaps even some factual tidbits along the way!

Also, get her a subscription to a magazine you think she will enjoy. Kids love getting stuff in the mail, and a lot of magazines have centerfold posters to hang up on the wall. ZooBooks, Highlights, Ranger Rick, Nickelodeon... lots of things to learn from without it feeling like she's learning.

You can even go so far as to put in a magazine rack in the bathroom ;) If it were me, I'd get a kid-based magazine, as well as a subscription to an adult magazine, like National Geographic or Time for that rack. She may not be able to read the grown up stuff, but I know when I was a kid, I liked to pretend I could by drawing my own conclusions based on the pictures ;) Sometimes, I would even ask my mom to tell me what was going on.

It should go without saying I think every kid should have their own bookcase, filled with books of all reading levels. It's summer, so the yard sales and flea markets will have plenty of bargains to scoop up, as well as libraries that are looking to retire their more beloved editions. Don't forget to include some activity and coloring books in there! It's when kids get /really/ bored that the learning happens ;) I remember spending hours and hours with my Barbie fashion plates and activity books on rainy days! (Connect the dots were my favorites.)

Also, do you watch television together? I'm not advocating 10 hours of cartoons of course, but just a half hour a day of downtime with something informative. I'm a news junkie, so I'm always curious what's going on in the world, so needless to say, the news channels are frequented in my home. That curiosity I have has definitely spilled over to my son; I even read headlines and excerpts to my husband when we're winding down for the night! (LOL) I'm sure you can imagine the chatter we have!

My point is, if you create an environment that is conducive to learning (while not completely turning your house into a tacky miniature classroom), you would be surprised to discover just how much your daughter *is* learning, even passively! Just put it out there, but be sure to get her input while doing so.

Good luck and don't give up!

Review my book please?!?

Review my book please?!?

I don't usually like to comment on age, but you've done a good job here for someone so young. Usually the excerpts posted by young teens are riddled with grammatical errors, but this was pretty well written. I'll point out the mistakes a little later, but there weren't many.

So first of all I'll comment on the writing itself. I really liked the summary; it was attention grabbing, well written and sounded very interesting. My only worry concerns the number of characters. With the twins and their four friends, that makes six characters, plus any other minor parts you want to throw in. That's a lot of characters for a reader to take in, especially at the beginning of a story. If you're going to bring in a lot of characters, you need to make sure that each has her own mannerisms and characteristics (and not simply her appearance) that makes her stand out from all the others.

Okay, so that's my opinion on the summary. Now for the actual excerpt. I liked the informal style to your writing -- it did sound like it was written in a diary -- but I wasn't sure about the physical descriptions of all the characters at the beginning. It felt a lot like a character profile, where the author lists the information about the characters so that they don't have to do it later. But that's too easy. There's no satisfaction in being TOLD things about a character; the fun is in being SHOWN them. And that's where show, don't tell comes in, which I'll get to in a bit.

The description of the twins was well placed since they're, presumably, the main characters, and you're highlighting the fact that they're very similar, apart from the eye colour. That's fine. It's just their friends. We, the reader, don't know them yet so we're not that interested in how they look. Also, by commenting on the appearances of four girls, you overload the reader with information. I can't remember who's who yet, because it felt like the information was almost shoved down my throat. My advice would be to cut out the physical descriptions of their four friends and leave that part until later. If Luna doesn't come into the story until later, don't talk about her yet either; leave her a mystery.

So, 'show, don't tell'. What is it? I'll explain using an example:

Telling: She had curly, chocolate brown hair.

Showing: As she tucked a stray curl behind her ear, sunlight reflected off her hair, making its usual chocolate brown lustre seem auburn.

All right, that's not a very good example, but it's the only thing my caffeine deprived brain can come up with at the moment. Note the difference between the two. The first simply states to the reader the type of hair the character has, taking the reader's attention away from the narrative, whereas the second integrates the description into the narrative, so that it's tied up with the character's actions. See more about 'show, not tell' here:

As I've said, the description of the twins is fine; it's just the description of their friends that I think needs to be changed. If you integrate the description of the friends into the narrative when they appear then it's easier for the reader to take in. Also, if you describe the character while they're there, speaking or being active in some way, the reader can associate the description with the character, instead of the two being detached, as they are at the moment.

So that's the appearances out of the way. Now for surplus details. Is every single bit of information you gave about the characters at the start vital to the storyline? Is it essential that the reader knows that Oasis and Charlotte were named after family members? And if it is, is it essential for them to know that right at the start? Is it crucial to the development of the story that the reader know that Lexi's mum and dad run a news agency in the middle of town?

The first few paragraphs must hook a reader. If you simply reel off details then they get bored. Therefore, my advice is to dispense with the character-profile-like descriptions of the four friends at the start and integrate only the most important details into the story later.

Proofread/sentence review:

~'But they never even considered the possibility of a shadow stealer. A soul stealer. Oh, how wrong they were.' << While this isn't grammatically incorrect, I think it could do with some rephrasing. You say that the world hadn't considered the possibility of a shadow stealer and then that they were wrong, which implies they were wrong about the shadow stealer... and yet they've never even considered it? How can they be wrong about something they've never even thought of? Maybe they were wrong not to consider it? If so, the sentences should be: 'But they never even considered the possibility of a shadow stealer. A soul stealer. Oh, how wrong they were not to.' Or maybe you meant: 'But they never believed in the existence of a shadow stealer. A soul stealer. Oh, how wrong they were.'

~'While hers a both light green, I have different coloured eyes.' << This should be: 'While hers ARE both light green, I have different coloured eyes.'

~'Her mum is great friends with my mum, and have been since they were both in school, so Mikki and I (and Oasis) have known each other since we were toddlers, when our mums re-united at one of those ‘Class of 1990 Reunion” things.' << You have an apostrophe at the start of 'Class of 1990 Reunion' and a speech mark at the end. Have either two apostrophes or two speech marks; not one of each.

~'She had tanned skin, and a few freckles on her face.' << Beware: tense change! All your other descriptions are in present tense, but this is in past tense. It should be: 'She HAS tanned skin, and a few freckles on her face.' if you want it in present tense.

~'Oasis spoke first, “yes, actually, we are! What are they made of?” Her eyes narrowed on the lady’s nametag, “Sophia!”' << This should be: 'Oasis spoke first. (full stop) “Yes, (capital letter) actually, we are! What are they made of?” Her eyes narrowed on the lady’s nametag. (full stop) “Sophia!”'

~'All you could see was a seemingly endless battlefield, with camouflaged men placed at different places, once again aiming rifles and peering through holes in shrub and from behind trees.' << I'm a stickler for repetition. You say: 'placed at different places', so I'd suggest: 'positioned at different places' instead to avoid repeating 'place'.

Well, that's all I spotted. I hope this helps you! Good luck with your writing :)

Anyone have tips on renting tuxes for a wedding?

Anyone have tips on renting tuxes for a wedding?

Finding a tux for your wedding is close to the challenge your bride has choosing her gown. There are so many choices out there, and you not only have to choose your tux, but multiple accessories a vest or cummerbund, shirt, neck wear, cuff links, button covers, and shoes. Since each piece comes in a variety of styles and colors, the possible combinations are almost infinite. Do yourself a huge favor and start your search early. Here are some useful tips to help you out:

- Look for a tux provider with multiple locations. This is especially important when members of your wedding party live in different parts of the country. A national chain can provide the most convenience -- your attendant(s) from out of town can rent their tux in their hometown, pick up at your location, and return it to any of their locations that is convenient.

- Rent from a store that carries a large in-house inventory. Your tux will probably be sent from a warehouse location, but make sure that the store itself carries a wide selection. In the unlikely event that something happens to the one you ordered, you need to have access to a backup.

- Make sure you visit the rental store three to five months prior to your wedding. Contact the store to schedule an appointment with a consultant, they will take your measurements and help you decide on a style best for you.

- Do some research on the Internet to find a style you like. Take a picture to your appointment so your consultant can see what look you are trying to create. Check out several stores and browse through their collections, or even customize your own outfit.

- Ask your consultant for recommendations that will complement your body type. There are a variety of cuts for jackets, lapels, shirts, and ties, and the lay tux renter usually does not have the eye or skill to know what looks best on his physique. A professional will have a better sense of which jacket will have the most slimming effect, or which tie best accompanies your shirt style.

- The average cost for renting a tux is around $150 per person. Make sure you include yours in your wedding budget. Don’t forget to factor in shoes and any additional accessories, such as cuff links.

- Schedule your final fitting one week before the wedding. There’s always a risk that the wrong size will come in or a piece is missing, this gives the store time to make corrections. This also allows time for any last-minute alterations.

- Make a list of who will be wearing a tux. All the men in the wedding party should choose matching formal wear, but you can also have your fathers, brothers, and ushers dress up with you.

- Don’t wait until the last minute to rent your tux. The very minimum most stores will allow you to rent is two weeks in advance. You should also order early so any mishaps or changes can be made in time.

- Don’t forget to consider how your men from out of town will be fitted. If there isn’t a store outlet near them, they should send in their measurements to you ahead of time. Don’t let your out-of-town groomsmen send you self-measurements. Your tux shop needs to have accurate measurements to ensure a good fit. Tell your out-of-towners to have their measurements taken by a professional tailor.

- Don’t assume that all your groomsmen will be responsible enough to remember all dates and details about rentals. Keep them updated with emails and calls to ensure that they meet all the necessary deadlines.

-Don’t forget to return your tux the next day. After the reception comes to an end, your mind will be on your honey and your honeymoon, so arrange for your best man to return your tux for you. In fact, it’s a great idea to ask him to be the one that all the tuxes are given to for return to insure that they all make it back to the rental shop on time and avoid late fees.

Congratulations & Best of luck with your wedding!

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