World Sponge Month on November, 2022: the Today Sponge (Ladies Only)?

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the Today Sponge (Ladies Only)?

I used to use the Today sponge. (Remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine didn't want to use her supply of sponges on men who were not "sponge-worthy"? So funny).

It did it's job, I suppose. I did not get pregnant while on the sponge. However, when it came time to remove it, it was like digging for gold in a very remote area of the world if you know what I'm saying. There is a string that you have to grab ahold of to pull it out and if during sex your sponge has shifted in such a way that it makes it hard to find that band, it's a little scary.

Other than that, it was fine.

Why do some regions in the world like Russia, have large annual ranges of temperature?

Why do some regions in the world like Russia, have large annual ranges of temperature?

Because they are far from the sea. The sea acts like a heat-sponge, in the summer months it keeps the temperature of the adjacent land cooler and in winter it keeps the temperature warmer. This is because water takes longer to warm up than the land and also because it takes longer to lose that heat.

Continental areas, away from the sea, don't get the benefit of this heat-sponge effect so they experience much lower low temperatures and much higher high temperatures.

What do I need for a sponge filter?

What do I need for a sponge filter?

for a sponge filter set up you need the following

a sponge filter

air tubing

air pump

A one way value

that it

for the sponge filter hit ebay for that as it will save you heaps on that item to bring it from hong kong will save you at least 15 - 20 bucks depending where in the world you are.... The rest just source from local dept stores stay clear of pet shops

Or you could always do this trick to the intake on your current filter and that grab a clean never use set of pantihose and cover the intake with them..

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