PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month on November, 2024: I think I'd be a great mom. The only problem is. I'm not sure I want to be one. Help!?

November, 2024 is PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month 2024. Healthy Lifestyles Month - National PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month.

I think I’d be a great mom. The only problem is... I’m not sure I want to be one. Help!?

If you're not ready right now, you're not ready. Only you can decide which is worse- the fear of losing control of your lifestyle, or the fear of missing the chance to have children. Examine your values, imagine the future without one or the other. Which do you think would be hardest to live with when you're towards the end of your life?

There are ways to compromise- just because you have a child doesn't mean you're automatically going to be broke or have 100% of your life turned upside down. Lots of successful women have children, and it doesn't ruin them.

I would recommend you talk to your husband and find a compromise you can both live with. Know that getting pregnant and having children is not really something we can control- it might happen for you right away, and it might take years. Keep that in mind when you're having your talk. I know you said you wanted to wait till you were 37- what if you get there and you can't have kids anymore? Or it is so difficult that it takes three years and thousands of dollars?

I wish that I could have had kids when I was 28, but I didn't meet my husband until later and didn't marry until 35. I'm now 37 and expecting my first, and it took 18 long months to get pregnant. You sound to me like someone who might be filled with regret if you get to that later point in your life and discover that you missed the baby boat. I am not saying this to scare you- but it's a fact that fertility decreases when you hit 35, and it becomes more and more difficult to conceive.

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