Greens and Plantains Month on November, 2024: My bananas are STILL green?

November, 2024 is Greens and Plantains Month 2024. July Green plantains.. well.. not

My bananas are STILL green?

Not that this will help, but two months ago I bought bananas at S@m's Club.. we had them for 4 weeks and they never turned yellow. They went directly from bright green to brown. I don't know what was wrong with them, but my mom has had the same thing happen to ones that she bought there. So, I don't buy them there anymore! Must be some weird fluke!

My 17 month old wont eat anything but SOUP?

My 17 month old wont eat anything but SOUP?

Give the boy soup then!

My kids favorite soup recipe

I get the green plantain and chop it into small pieces and add it to boiling water with some chicken. Once the chicken is cooked I removed it and take the bone out placing the chicken back in with the soup. I chop potato, carrots and add frozen peas and fresh squash. My kids love this!

I just bought a Plantain and I’m worried that there is something wrong with it...?

I just bought a Plantain and I'm worried that there is something wrong with it...?

Plantains aren't normally the consistant color and texture of a banana..even though they are similar. The inconsistent coloration is okay..the green just means it's a little ripe, is all. UNLESS that green appears to be mold/ don't want a moldy'll taste bad.

Hard to say really. One time I bought plantains that were extremely ripe..(barely even formed into a plantain) and it was funny because they virtually NEVER ripened! They just stayed hard as a rock and unripe until I eventually tossed them. (But I waited a solid month at least)

Produce is picked way before it ripens and allowed to continue ripening during transit and on store the chances of getting an unripe plantain would be great..but if it's TOO ripe then it may never fully ripen, has been my experience. Check out the place where you bought it and make sure it appears that they are keeping produce in a proper area..if their fruits and vegetables have fruit flies buzzing around, insect larvae, if anything appears moldy or as if it's been stored in the heat or sun..then I wouldn't bother going back there again.

The only real way to tell is to taste it!

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