Sea Cadet Month on September, 2024: Sea Cadets?

September, 2024 is Sea Cadet Month 2024. United States Naval Sea Cadet Co The Plan of the Month is shows

Sea Cadets?

Sea Cadets are a very good program to get into. You drill 2 weekends a month, have a 2 week boot camp each year and do lots of other things that can better you and the community. You will also have the chance to go to other places. When my husband was a DI in Hawaii for the cadets, they had some come in from California & Texas. They also had a 16 year female become a pilot. I also know of a unit in Michigan who are certified divers all in their teens. If you do decide to go into the military afterwards you can go in as a E3.

Joining the Sea Cadets?

Joining the Sea Cadets?

I joined Sea Cadets and was one for 6 years. Best time of my life and I learned so much! You go to a "drill" one weekend out of the month and then a 2 week Basic Training. I know the web site is a little rocky. Contact the closest unit to you and When you sign up they just ask lots of ??s about what do you want to do, Your age and school and stuff. Whenever your ready you can go to Boot camp, but the sooner you go, the quicker you can gain rank. Your unit will give you your unifrom however you have to pay for it of course. And boot camp is held EVERYWHERE!!!

What can I expect with the sea cadets?

What can I expect with the sea cadets?

I was in the Sea Cadets for 9 years. Ended up being LPO of my unit. GREAT TIMES.

Not hard, think the military version of the boy scouts

It cost like $100 for all the uniforms and paperwork to get in

You meet one weekend a month and you have to be at 75% of the meetings a year

It is not physical punishment

SOO, the only reason I really stayed in sea cadet was the trainings. I did medical, MAA, international exchange, coast guard, leadership, homeland security, staffed 4 trainings. I also attended EOD training, pretty close to SEAL.. Now let me tell you EOD was so hard I was thankful it only lasted 14 days, SEALS last 21 now I think.. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm 100% sure SEAL training is BUDS. From the stories I heard I think its the same thing, and I thought what I did at EOD was hard, but SEALs was on a whole different level.. And if you graduate SEALS, they have JSOC now... Its getting pretty intense, wish I was still in the Sea Cadets

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