Self-Love Month on January, 2025: Love Month - Tantric 'self love'?

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Tantric ’self love’?

I urge to take great care in practicing these techniques. Awakening of the kundalini is something that should not be forced. To "summon" that energy is forcing it; this means you are "in ego" and not dealing with your Higher Self.

Much of the development of self love through practicing Taoist and Tantric techniques is not intended to bring you pleasure. It is teaching us to move beyond the physical pleasure to experience that which lies beyond the physical and our energies there. If you want physical pleasure, stick with the standard techniques. If you want spiritual growth, then Tantra, while a difficult path, is very valid and effective. I practiced it; I found my growth to be accelerated because of it; I found very little physical pleasure with it. You actually are not supposed to release your pleasure -- and that was the most frustrating thing for me. After six months of practice, phew . . . man I just had to let go!

I encourage you to read some books, which you can find at any Borders. Search the web for Tantra. But please take care with this -- Severe injury can result from forcing kundalini into an awakened state, including schizophrenia and other mental and emotional disorders. Knowing about it makes it safe. Knowing how to deal with the growth experience is the key to maintaining that safety.

And just something for you to think about: If our thoughts and feelings are who we are, if they are indeed the substance of our soul, then your sex life is already spiritual. Just so you know. :-)

I want to learn SELF~LOVE!?

I want to learn SELF~LOVE!?

I can only tell you what helped me. I didn't have much money either but I got myself a really glamorous make over. And since I catch on easily and learn quick, I got a LOT from this make over. Learned how to apply make up properly, my best shades and colors of cosmetics and everything. It really opened a lot of doors and got me a better paying job.

Sometime later, I renewed my r/s with God, and got back in Church. I found a really great one to attend and threw myself into all the activities there. Volunteered my skills. I learned that the better I get to know God, the better I understand myself, and others. The better I know Jesus, the more I like myself. Having an intimate r/s with God the Father through Jesus Christ puts you in a position to be blessed in many ways. 'N that's when I met a wonderful man who became my husband; he found me there where I had built a life for myself. I had got my eyes off of myself and onto Jesus, and helping ppl. less fortunate than me. And that's how I got my grove back. lol

Gulp... Self-Love?

Gulp... Self-Love?

Practise your hobbies, i mean raelly perfect them. And if you don't have anything then try something new. Its a great achievement to be able to 'get somewhere' with something you enjoy. And enter competitions. or join a club which practises your hobby, you can really shine, and be like 'wow, look what i can do'

hope it helps

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