Unchain A Dog Month on January, 2024: Did you know that January is "UNCHAIN A DOG" month?

January, 2024 is Unchain A Dog Month 2024. January Is PETA's 'Unchain A Dog Month' January is Unchain A Dog Month

Did you know that January is "UNCHAIN A DOG" month?

i didnt know that

Yeah i dont think dog should be chain up cuz

if u dont get it off once in a while

the chain might go into yur dog skin

and it so nasty when they try to take it off

poor dog

the dog are whinning and crying

i know this becuz i watch animal planet

how should i train my dog?

how should i train my dog?

just unchained the dog for few minutes and then see the behavior. If he do something wrong again chain it. this way you can try.

Is my dog....pouting?

Is my dog....pouting?

Well, I think dogs pout. I saw the same with my dog yesterday. IShe has only been with us about 4 months and she wanders...the other 3 stay close by in the yard but not her.....not yet! So I did the same. She stood there like a statue and would shoot me glaring looks (chihuahau) but was happy as usual when off the lead. She is letting you know she doesn't like it.

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