Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week on March, 2025: How does LGBT bullying make you feel?

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How does LGBT bullying make you feel?

I'm not personally bullied, but I have seen LGBT bullying, and trust me, it doesn't encourage one to come out...I was going to come out on national coming out day (This past one) but the week before I witnessed a bully session, and voila! I stayed in my nice cozy (but cramped) closet.

Life is harder knowing that If I do come out I'll be taunted. I have issues enough dealing with knowing half of my family is homophobic. You would think my generation would be more open to LGBT youths...THEIR PEERS...but they really aren't.

I always have had issues understanding that most bulliers have either been bullied themselves or are suffering from the same things they are bullying about. They should understand how it feels enough to not bully.

I think it's great that you are giving a speech on LGBT bullying. Raise awareness for us!

LGBT *Pride* parade are a disgrace to the country?

LGBT *Pride* parade are a disgrace to the country?

And this is why I dislike Toronto. Actually, just kidding. I've got other reasons for that.

I'll tell you now that I've never been to Toronto pride, so what I write here is from the perspective of someone who only sees it through the eyes of the media, since someone's bound to start accusing me of demeaning something I've never personally experienced.

I ask myself a hypothetical question. When equality is attained for GLBT's, will pride still be necessary? The point of this is to beg the true purpose of pride celebrations. One of them would be the political statements that we try to make. Equality, oppression, harassment, AIDS awareness and pride. The other purpose seems no more than an excuse to parade around in with little to nothing covering your privates and show off how much sex you have and condoms you can use up within the period of about a week.

If the purpose of pride is the former, then when true equality is fully obtained, then the purpose of pride will become obsolete. It would be no longer necessary to hold yearly pride celebrations to make political statements for equality. Frankly, I don't think that's going to be the case. And frankly, I don't think many of you will think that'll be the case either.

Pride celebrations will continue because there really is another purpose to it. To drink, to party, to have sex.

Is drinking, partying and having sex wrong? Absolutely not. Is fighting oppression wrong? Absolutely not. What doesn't seem quite right is when these two things are being done simultaneously. Are you raising AIDS awareness when you stand there in a speedo with a maple leaf imprinted on your crotch, and a sign on your chest saying "leaf blower wanted". Are you demanding equality when you're rushing to register a new TD bank account just so that you can get a picture with a few extremely well built TD bank models? (yes, these are real occurrences).

At the heart of it, pride is supposed to convey the essence and soul of the GLBT community. Does it? Does being free and open and proud constitute wearing a thong down the street? As someone who turns on the TV or opens the paper, all you seem to see is the shallow and excruciatingly materialistic parade of exemplary human bodies prancing around while hungry eyes gawk at them. Bravo. The main message seems so clear to the public. We want sex. It completely overshadows the other messages of equality/peace you're trying to squeeze in.

And to the people getting angry at me for reducing pride to a romp of sexual fantasies, just realize that it's the same complaint most of you make all the time.

-When people talk about heterosexuality, the focus isn't on sex. But when people talk about homosexuality, the focus is on sex.

-"Why can't I find people who want a committed relationship? All I find are people who want sex."

-Does love really exist for gay people?

-Gay people are just like everyone else. We work, we shop, we go out with friends, and yet the strong message that pride sends to the general public is that gay people just want sex and all variants of it.

And it's funny that these silly stereotypes are exactly what pride seems to enforce to the average viewer? There seems to be only one shallow thing on your mind. Hypocritical, those of your who make complaints like that yet contribute to exactly the opposite at pride celebrations. think I can pull off an A- with this essay?

LGBT: This comment made me so angry!?

LGBT: This comment made me so angry!?

i love you... and i wish i was sitting right there next to you... good enough?

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