Pet Dental Health Month on February, 2025: Catchy slogan for pet dental month!?!?!?

February, 2025 is Pet Dental Health Month 2025. Dog Oral Health DENTASTIX® Treats Reduces up to 80% of Tartar Buildup in Dogs!

Catchy slogan for pet dental month!?!?!?

Lets Make Sure they Can Still Put the Bite on You!

Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance?

I personally would never waste my money on pet insurance. I prefer to tuck that much away each month/year for my pet instead. In most cases, it is highly unlikely you will ever need it and they aren't like human health plans. They don't usually cover preventative care and maintenance, but only emergency situations.

Do you have pet insurance?

Do you have pet insurance?

Yes, & it's worth every single penny!

My Dobermanns are insured with Petplan on their cover for life supreme plan. The cost is £32.00 per dog, per month, with a £75 excess {the amount the owner pays towards each health condition in a claim year.}

The policy does not cover routine vaccination, worming, spay/castration {unless medically necessary} or dental {again unless medically necessary}.

The cover is up to £12,000 in treatment per year, you can claim for the same condition in the next claim year & includes hydrotherapy/physiotherapy. You can claim direct which means the money is paid by the insurance provider directly to the vet & have a claim pre-approved so you know in advance that the treatment is covered by the policy.

I particularly like having the peace of mind of knowing that my dogs can have the best veterinary treatment that is in their best interest, the instant they need in & will not be burdened with a debt, which is what credit card or a credit card would leave you with.

Should a dog be diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid, rupture a cruciate or any other expensive condition, the means to pay the bill is always there.

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