Through With The Chew on February, 2025: what cant hamster chew through?

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what cant hamster chew through?

Well duh he is going to chew through card board!!! ITS PAPER lol they shred paper for bedding! Usually very hard plastics cant be chewed through very fast (but determined hamsters can chew through a lot of plastics if they can set there mind to it) But they cant chew through metal. Try going to your local hard ware store and picking up some hardware cloth that is 1/2 inch spacing. (i recommend plastic coated as it doesnt soak up odors) Just cover any part your hammy is chewing through with this and it will become chew proof! :D (use zip ties to attach it, its really easy)

And the hot glue probably isnt the best, but just keep an eye on him, if he chews it like crazy i would try something else, but if he leaves it alone then its probably ok to use

My rabbit chews through electrical cords.?

My rabbit chews through electrical cords.?

Chewing is a natural behavior for your rabbit. Are you providing enough toys for him to chew like safe untreated wicker baskets, wooden chew blocks, or cardboard?

You should never let a rabbit play unsupervised in an area that has not been rabbit proofed. This means that all electrical cords should be covered by tubing that can be purchased at target or a local hardware store. You should also pick up and store away any plastic items, food,or small objects from the floor or an area where your rabbit has access too. That being said, you should still monitor your rabbit when he comes out for playtime.

Also, if you feel bad about your rabbit being stuck in a small cage all the time perhaps you should think about making your rabbit a house rabbit or providing it with a different habitat. Most rabbits become much happier if kept in a puppy play pen or dog excerice pen. It suprising how much stuff a 4 by 4 foot pen canhold: a giant hay-filled litterbox; a multi-level play house; a cardboard tunnel; throw toys and hanging toys. The pens, made of hinged mesh panels, can be reconfigured easily, you can include or exclude, furniture, corners, and walls. Best of all, the whole area can be dismantled on cleaning day, and any debris, swept up from the floor.You can check more out about rabbit care and how to rabbit proof at

can mice chew through milk cartons?

can mice chew through milk cartons?

Yes. over time they can chew through anything including cement.

I had six Gerbils chew through the metal bars of a bird cage I was keeping them in. Rodents teeth never stop growing so they have to chew on something.

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