Tour de France Month on July, 2023: The Tour de France cyclists?

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July, 2023 is Tour de France Month 2023. Tour de France 2013: Stages 1 & 2: Racers ready, set, go for a ... Tour de France 2013: Stages 1

The Tour de France cyclists?

Most have been riding a bicycle fairly seriously from an early age, maybe 11 or 12 or even earlier, as a junior member of their local cycling club, but there will also be the odd one or two who entered the sport at a later age, by the time they get to be employed by a pro team and are good enough to be selected for the Tour the youngest rider will probably have at least 7-10 years of racing experience.

Edit: I once lived in Australia, and the local club I belonged to, during the summer months, the track season, they had really short races, of just a few metres, for the 'littlies' as young as three or four, by the time they were 7or 8 they were racing seriously, on both track and road.

How much do you love the Tour de France?

How much do you love the Tour de France?

Yes im a big fan and love the month of July!

You must be pleased to see Mcewan doing so well.

I remember the glory days of toe-clips and wooly jerseys, and great british cyclists like Roche, Millar (Robert, the climber), sean yates (demon sprinter). Ah good days!

What is the process for testing drugs in the Tour de France?

What is the process for testing drugs in the Tour de France?

In the Tour de France, they test the stage winner, the overall leader, and do three random tests after each stage.

During training season, however, they ask where you'll be and come tou your house and take regular tests from you.

That's why Michael Rasmussen was kicked out. He wouldn't tell his team where he was, so they could have him tested.

Also, in the Tour, if you miss three tests in eighteen months when the doping patrol comes, that counts as the same as a positive test.

I agree though. At LEAST 50% of the peloton sould be tested all the time, if not the whole peloton. I wonder if that might happen to crack down on doping: Testing every rider on every stage.

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