Vegan Month on November, 2024: How do you survive off $185 per month as a vegan?

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How do you survive off $185 per month as a vegan?

Vegan college student here.

There's a couple of staple items to have on hand that should last a good while.

First off, oatmeal. I shop at walmart a lot right now (unfortunately) so I buy the large oatmeal container from great value, you can get rolled or whole oats.

Second, puffed rice and puffed wheat. It's so damn cheap. A dollar a bag. It's a good snack to have around.

Peanut, cashews, brazil buts, almonds. <-- ordered from least expensive to most. These are the cheaper kinds of nuts I've come across. Macadamia, pecans, pistachios, etc all cost more by the pound. Walmart sells some pretty big great value containers.

Rice, I prefer long grain. Buy the bag because it's cheaper.

Canned beans, canned pumpkin, canned corn, canned mixed veggies, canned pineapple, etc. I don't like eating canned food often but it's definitely something you need to have on hand if you're going to be cooking. For the beans, it's sometimes better to buy them dry, they cost almost the same. It's good to have lentils, chick peas, garbanzo beans, black beans, red beans, etc, on hand because you can easily make a dish out of them and they make good sources of fat and protein. You can easily turn lentils, for example, into a thick stew with plenty of flavoring, my mom taught me to add chunks of potato and pumpkin to it, it turns out great.


Raisins- in large container, not individual boxes, and trail mix of dried fruit if you can find a large bag for a cheap price.

Whole wheat flour or all purpose flour <-- I don't know how much you cook but there's a lot of easy things you can make. Go to and search vegan. I found a great recipe for vegan crepes and pancakes and scones, etc.

Soymilk- great value has one. I get original flavor because the vanilla adds a different taste to my coffee. Soy milk is something I have to buy weekly. But there have been times I've been able to extend to two weeks by being conservative with what I use it for.

Pasta is important- you can buy a good amount for good price. Ramen noodles, of the nissin brand, oriental flavored, are also great to have around the kitchen.

Fresh fruits and veggies. Produce is something I also buy weekly, I buy 3-4 kinds of veggies and 2-3 kinds of fruit for the week. I juice vegetables daily with a juicer. I'll talk more about this below. Also, I would invest in protein powder. It makes life a bit easier and should last a good while. I buy spirutein.

Tip: I would also look at smaller markets to buy my produce since they most likely sell cheaper, if you have this option. I have a few local markets nearby and my week's worth of produce totals to about $12-15, usually. Costs a bit more at walmart. Also, try to get the specials.

Another thing, locate an Indian market near you and go check out the items they have, they will have plenty of vegan items you won't see at an american mart. I buy different kinds of chutney and idlis. Idlis are little cakes made of bean curd. They're awesome. They are served as a breakfast item in India.

Potatoes are another good thing to have in your fridge.

And don't forget nutritional yeast. It has a nutty-cheesy flavor that's great for sprinkling on dishes.

Peanut butter.

Sorbet ice cream- not sherbet. It's good a treat to just have in your fridge. :) Also, those packs of frozen fruit to make smoothies are good to have, you can whip up a good smoothie in no time.

Bread- Arnold's brand, double check the ingredients cause I'm pretty sure not all of their breads are vegan.

Butter-free popcorn.

Btw, I don't know where you stand on sugar, but I avoid white as much as I possibly can so I usually buy the brown great value sugar. It should last a good while.

Try not to buy juice or soda as they will end up taking a chunk of cash and not last very long. Opt for tea instead, if you like tea, that is. I'd get at least two flavors and I recommend chai tea or maybe breakfast tea. Go for herbal teas like chamomile or cherry, if you don't want the caffeine.

Oh and this page may help you out:

Now, about the juicing:

I don't know if you have a juicer but it makes life easier. If you don;t have one and wish to purchase one, go for the higher quality kinds, stainless steel, preferably, as they last longer and make sure it's centrifugal because this means you'll get less loss of nutrients in the juicing process. You'd be looking to spend 200-250 dollars.

Anyway, juicing is a good way to get your daily vegetable intake without actually having to prepare some kind of meal.

You can drink the juices separately or just mix it all together. I mix them together because I got used to the flavors and that way it's less trouble to measure a full cup of juice. But at first I'd drink, for example the carrot juice, then continue and juice whatever was next, drink it, then the next type of veggie, etc.

I try to drink 2 cups of juice a day, but usually one is enough in my opinion.

Typical veggies to juice include:








lettuce- romaine and iceberg




avoid eggplant in juicing

help on my one month vegan detox ?

help on my one month vegan detox ?

You'd be better off drinking more water - 64oz or so. Also, just remember that you won't get much of a detox affect unless you eat like a HEALTHY vegan. Not consuming fried foods or sugary drinks is a good start, but there are a lot of other ways that a vegan diet could potentially be unhealthy. Look up the vegan food pyramid and make sure you are getting the right amount of servings out of every food group every day. Also make sure that you know your daily caloric intake needs and stick to that number as well.

A bit of detox advice as well - after the first couple of days you may start to feel a little ill, You could develop headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, even depression. If/when you start to feel these things, don't be alarmed as these are natural symptoms of detox. At this point it is said that the toxins in your body start to rise to the surface, so don't be surprised if your skin is in horrible shape too. First and foremost, drink even more water. If these symptoms last for more than a couple of days, you may need to do something to help your body release these toxins such as a salt water flush. If that doesn't help and you continue to feel ill, then you probably need to ease your body back into eating the foods you were eating before so that your body doesn't go into some kind of shock. Don't ever push your body past your comfort level. You can always start the detox over by cutting certain foods out more slowly and gradually. Good luck!



1. It can be difficult at times, the first month is the hardest, if you make it past that you're golden.

2. I lost 5ish pounds.

3. I haven't noticed any difference.

4. I became vegan because I realized that I wouldn't be able to live with myself unless I became vegan.

5. Yes, my family and friends are not exactly supportive, but I know what I'm doing is right, so I don't let their words bother me and I do my best to get them to see my point of view.

6. I eat lots and lots of quinoa and roasted veggies, I like salads with roasted beets and baked tofu, veggie dogs (even though they're junk food) vegan reubens, sweet potato black bean chili, kale, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and tons of almond milk.

7. Always always read the label, check the companie's website for product information, email the company if you're still unsure, most companies will be more than happy to let you know if their product contains animal products. Also, its really easy to google and find out if certain things are vegan, and there are lists out there of all kinds of ingredients that will tell you if its vegan, not vegan, or if there is a possibility that it comes from animals.

8. Thats up to you, I never made an announcement or anything, I just tell people when its relevant to them, or if they ask.

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