World Vegan Month on November, 2024: vegan thoughts. please look and share?

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World Vegan Month

Ever considered going vegan, although not sure how to start? Vegan Month is devoted to educating about vegan eating and life styles, and inspiring you are taking give it a try. Participate when you eat and living vegan, preventing animal crueltly, and living a more healthy existence!

vegan thoughts... please look and share?

well my 'vegan' thoughts are thought vitamins and minerals are the most important part in your body, so i eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. i try not to eat anything processed too. I'm not a vegetarian but people might think i am because i eat real food (fruits + veggies). i am starting to take better attention and help to my defective vision by not eating a lot of meat. i like meat, because God says we can eat them, but there is way to much 'stress' meat out there or just bad meat by tortured animals. (i love animals, but i only eat a few things meat, which, that i learned are the most tortured animals to give bad meat, are chicken, pig, and cow, so after learning that lots of meat had a stressed and horrible life, as in the animal, i have to be more careful with my meat)

i must say, to conclude, is my body is healthy with real food, and healthy meat (after i care for my eyes, and if you want you can look up the site were i got info for that)

i also want to put in I DON'T DRINK ANYTHING MILK, its a horrible thing to have in your body, just read MILK THE DEADLY POISON. (when somebody sees the word poison they think right off, your gonna die by drinking it, but its more complicated to say to that) i try awful hard not to have lots of dairy products because it also derives from lots of stressed animals. i try not to have any chesse (as from on pizza, i really like it and want to make my own, healthy, natural way in making pizza), i dont evan like eating it by hand.

alot of people also dont know that we dont really need protien also, its amino-acids, things in fruit and vegies, and i put that in my brain when i eat.

to answer your question (its gonna be long)-- people question that people who are vegans as hard to underdtand because they've been sort of brain washed into eating things with chemicals, or as we call processed, they also dont have a care or they dont know, that lots of meat have been from stresses and sick animals. its very good and healthy to be vegan but lots of vegans are (i dont want to hurt anyone by saying this) a little to obnocious when they talk about animals and pain, and things like that. first of all, yes lots of animals are tortured before becoming our food, but that doesnt mean all of them. second, in the holy bible, God says after the flood, you could eat the beasts of the world, so that ment, we could eat all the herbs (fruits, veggies, seeds) of the fields, and animals, but lots of vegans are very disturbed in to thinking animals having spirits. they have a soul because they have a mind to think, a heart to feel emotions, and a will to decide. but lots of people over the years thought they would have spirits, which lots (not saying YOU or everybody) of vegans think.

personally, i had one 'vegan related' expierence (no saying i am) when someone once asked at school, "what did you bring for lunch?", and i said something like "spinach, tomatoes, a plum, and apple" or something on the lines of that, i forgot, and he said "are you a vegieterrian?" which i replied "no, i like meat, but i eat the food that God has given me", and then like usual he cut me offf like lots of people, maybe he was embarresed in making an error on a opinion on my life that he didnt know.

since i do eat meat, but not alot since lots of them are not that healthy today as back in the day, im no vegan, but stress in my life to eat real food - and i already told you why non-vegans or what i like to call unhealthy brothers and sisters are so strange tords vegans. not saying that ALL non-vegans are like that, like me.

im sorry for having this comment so long, but i want to say i always loved animals, i want to stay healthy by eating what God has given us from the fields, not machine made poop.

thank you for reading my opinion-comment!

Question about being vegan?

Question about being vegan?

no, it's not a vegan meal. How well you can remain a vegan is actually pretty individual. It does get easier as you get older. If you're making choices when you can and you're trying your best then you are a vegan. But the majority of people are not vegan. Nor vegetarian. For the margarine you buy, there are several brands that are pure olive or canola oil which are non-hydrogenated (I have no idea how they make it, but they do) and vegan. And even some which are palm oil-free. Google is your friend. But if she likes that brand and doesn't want to swap then you're still doing your best. Don't beat yourself up over it. You're doing your best, and you do have support that a lot of people don't have and you're doing really well. Let the margarine issue go. If you have to use it in cooking, then I guess use it. If you don't need it like for sandwiches or toast, then skip it. It's far from the end of the world. But like I said, when it's parents doing the cooking, there's not a lot you can do. When you're an adult and you and your friends are the ones cooking and shopping it is a lot easier. And you know how to cook vegan food - not everyone does. I know my mum is not sure how I can do much at all without using an egg. She can tell me some recipes and pick out some things to buy in the shop, and give advise when we eat out, but the idea of cooking vegan seems to daunt her - and she's a great cook. So relax. It won't make you not a vegan.

World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day?

Where I live, on the first Thursday of every month, a local restaurant gives 10 percent of its check to a local animal rights organization. So I'm eating there with a bunch of vegan friends, as I do most months.

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