Birth Defects Month on January, 2025: Birth Defects . ?

January, 2025 is Birth Defects Month 2025. Birth Defect Information - Learn About Birth Defects Find Out What You Can Do.

Birth Defects ... ???

You should be fine. Little protein never hurt. LOL! It DEFINITELY won't cause birth defects

birth defects.?

birth defects.?

Honestly, I don't think fumes will do anything.

The unfortunate event that your brother died from a hole in his heart was most likely just pure chance.. like, it happens to 1 in 13000 births or something (I don't know that, I'm just giving you an example).

I can tell you that I don't think fumes do anything, because when I was pregnant I was still in school, and I took a woodshop class and autoshop, in which people were constantly painting and varnishing their projects and I was always around cars and exhaust. Those were STRONG fumes, but nothing ever happened to my baby. (This was the whole school year. From the beginning until I was about 8 months pregnant).

Also, my dad is a mechanic and a racecar driver, so our garage always smells like gasoline, oil, smog, etc.. And I was always out there helping him.

None of those fumes did anything to me either.

I'm sure being around fumes 24 hours a day wouldn't be good for you, but from my experience and from what my doctor/teacher/dad told me, it shouldn't be a big concern.

I'm sure everything will be fine, you're not around fumes that much anyway, and even if you were, my daughter is fine and I'm sure your baby will be just fine :)

Everyone goes through the paranoid stages. It's just part of being a mommy, you don't know your baby yet but already want to do anything to protect him/her.

Congratulations on the baby.

Try to take it easy.

Everything will be fine :)

Hypospadia birth defect.......?

Hypospadia birth defect.......?

Hello! I am going through same nightmare as you and I thought of writing so I can vent it!

My little one is now 14 months old and we have always known that sooner rather than later we would have had to decide on operating or not his Hypo. At birth they visited him and told us to go back when baby was 1 year old. I just saw the surgeon yesterday and he told me that it is a genetic condition which does not depend on mum or dad's genes and it just happens for bad luck.

Now of course, depending on the severity of the Hypo surgery might or might not be a must. Our little one's isnt too severe, hence my fear and hesitation, since his willy looks quite normal, and functionality wise it is all ok. So I am quite worried that I make him go through such a hard time for not much improvement.

Also, there are various types of techniques to operate, and this is what makes me even more nervous.

I wish I could help you a little more. We are on the waiting list for the operation which should happen in May 09. If by then your little one has not had it, I can give you more information according to our experience.

Best of luck to us both.

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