Jell-O Week on February, 2023: O Week - Question about mailing Jell-o.?

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Question about mailing Jell-o.?

It should be soon, within this week or so. The jell-o should be fine. I hope they send you back some nice treats as well.

Why is Jell-O good to grow mold on for an experiment?

Why is Jell-O good to grow mold on for an experiment?

Mold can grow on Jell-O because it provides the nutrition that mold needs. Try looking up what Jell-O is made up of. Agar is used in microbiology labs, on petri plates, to grow molds and other bacteria because it is made up of sugars and other nutrients that allow these organisms to grow. Jell-O contains some of the same components and is very similiar to the agar used in labs. Basically, Jell-O is a good common substitute for the agar used in petri plates.

About the Jell-o Diet...?

About the Jell-o Diet...?

Jell-o diet?Sound unhealthy...

anyways I advise that you, go to a gym and work out while you are on your diet.

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