World Origami Days on October, 2024: When and what is World Origami Day?

World Origami Days 2024. BOS practical : World Origami Days BOS practical : World Origami

When and what is World Origami Day?

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Is origami Amsterdam-stylie quite popular these days world-wide?

Is origami Amsterdam-stylie quite popular these days world-wide?

yes but rolling papers seem to replace the folding of papers


Valentines Day?

Valentines Day?

1. Treat him out to dinner. When dining in a Chinese restaurant, slip a handwritten message into his Fortune Cookie to tell him about upcoming "surprises" when you get home. Or in other restaurants, slip him YOUR "bill"----such as Salad = 1 kiss, Entree = 10 kisses, and Dessert = (whatever else you have in mind for "activities" later)....Tips = (more stuff you have in mind) This will drive him wild with anticipation.

2. Take him to his favorite bar, but no Hooters, of course. Play pool and watch a game of his favorite sport together. Cheer for his favorite team. Play some of his favorite music from the juke box----if the bar has one. After a juke box plays one song after another, he might not immediately know that you did it, but he WILL notice the difference in music.

3. Buy him a lottery ticket, with a message "You are one in a million." Slip this either into his wallet or beneath the bill after a restaurant meal.

4. Get a glass jar and fill it with special love notes for encouragement throughout the year:

----once-a-week for a year, jot down 2 reasons you love him

----once-a week for a year, jot down 1 great thing he did or said

----once-a-week, jot down 1 inspirational or positive thought

5. Take an old prescription bottle, fill it with teeny-tiny love messages of "Prescription for Love."

6. In his favorite magazine, write love messages and/or clues to your plans for the evening. For other times, you can write some funny notes to surprise him with laughter.

7. Get a "Romance Coupon Book" from your local bookstore that he can use throughout the year to redeem for whatever that's listed, such as a "massage from you."

8. If he reads the comic section in the Sunday paper, write ballooned love-messages on his favorite Sunday comic strips and let him discover them. Or put them in his cereal box for him to find. You can also use this method to give him clues to your special Valentine plans.

9. Get a local artist to draw caricatures of both of you on some eggs and place them in the fridge for him to find in surprise. Or you could just jot some thank-you messages (ballooned-comic-strip-way) on some eggs for the things he does for you throughout the year and strategically slip them into his fridge to surprise him.

10. Hide a love note, Valentine card, and/or clues in his gym bag, backpack, briefcase, or textbook.

11. If it's within your budget, get a pair of matching necklaces, 1 for you and 1 for him. Wrap his in a small box first, then wrap again in a slightly bigger box, and wrap again in an even bigger box.....until it's your desired box-size-----to make him think you got him some kind of electronic gadget. It will not only surprise him but also make him laugh.

12. Learn star-folding origami (instruction link):


Fold 1 star for every day you have known each other since the day you met. Each person take turns folding one each day.

13. Throughout the year, slip little love notes in between his dollar-bills for him to discover.

14. Throughout the year, slip other love notes into his favorite CD cases for him to stumble upon.

15. Surprise him at work by mail-delivering some clues to upcoming plans, such as a piece of lingerie sealed in an envelope....hehehe.....And/or email him the clues.

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