Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month on May, 2023: I had an interview today, is it too soon to send out a thank you card?

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May, 2023 is Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month 2023. Young Achievers International Young Achievers International

I had an interview today, is it too soon to send out a thank you card?


I used to write my interview thank you notes before the appointment even happened, at least the address and stamp were done. Then I would finish them off in the car and drop them in the mail when I left their offices.

Perhaps your choice of cards and words was not perfect, but you are young and already miles ahead of others who did not think to send the all important "thank you for your time" card (most interviewers don't want to have take the time to read a whole additional letter after all the resume's and cover letters they just went through). Just a a simple note card with appreciation for their time and your continued interest is enough at this point.

I am impressed to see you even know who Emily Post is at your age, and are trying to follow her good guidelines. Your enthusiasm and good intentions will be recognized.

Keep in mind, if it's a gov'ment gig, it may take them a long while to get back to you, there's lots of red tape and "processes". I once waited three months to get word I was hired!

Stay positive and to keep your mind off it, keep looking while you wait -- if this opening came along, maybe something even better is out there you didn't even think about!

Good luck -- you go girl!

PS -- No "thank you" should ever be emailed, unless followed by a snail mail... and always handwritten when it comes directly from you (versus a florist's note, etc.)

I lost interests in Gaming! Oh no!?

I lost interests in Gaming! Oh no!?

People change, maybe one day you will be in your twenties and look at the ps3 and give it a go. Of course by then gaming will be virtual reality, but thats a whole other topic. You sound like you really want to get back into it! Dont force yourself to be a gamer, just because you were when you were a kid. Learning music is nothing wrong, its quite fun to do. Just maybe try and play a little, maybe your game will come back, slowley but surley. And soon enough you will be back to pwning noobs in like COD 12, seeing as they release them as often as I eat breakfast (lol). Add me on PSN! SuperDemon98

:) good luck bud

Baby Names: If you had seven girls what would you name them?

Baby Names: If you had seven girls what would you name them?


Matilda Ruby

Lila Vivienne

Scarlett Olivia

Amelia Violet

Lily Charlotte

Grace Elizabeth

Isla Madeleine

♀ Matilda Ruby ~ 8th February 2000 (11)

Matilda is our eldest. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. Although quiet, she is very protective of her little sisters and will stand up for them if necessary. She detests being in the lime light but grudgingly agrees to participate in Lila's grand performances from time to time. Her favourite hobbies are reading and playing the flute, at which she is very talented. She's a high achiever who loves school, and with all the experience she's had helping to look after her baby sisters, she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

♀ Lila Vivienne ~ 19th January 2002 (9)

Lila is easily the most mischievous of our girls. She goes to singing and dancing classes and loves being centre of attention - she is always organising her sisters to put on shows for the rest of the family. She can get a bit ahead of herself sometimes and we have to remind her not to be so bossy! Lila often clashes with her big sister as they have very different personalities, but her and Matilda are actually the closest of all the girls. Lila has dark hair and chocolate brown eyes, which she uses to wrap people around her little finger!

♀ Scarlett Olivia ~ 22nd November 2002 (8)

Not only was Scarlett conceived shortly after the birth of Lila, she was also our prem baby, so her and her older sister are very close in age. Scarlett is our girly girl and loves nothing more than getting dressed up in pretty outfits and and traipsing around the house in mummy's high-heeled shoes! She goes to gymnastics classes, and is always more than happy to participate in Lila's family performances, but does not show off half as much as her big sister. Scarlett has dirty blonde hair and green eyes, and the cheekiest little smile a girl could have!

♀ Amelia Violet ~ 28th May 2006 (5)

Amelia (or Mia, as she insists on being called) is our little tomboy. She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes like Scarlett, but couldn't be more different from her girly big sister! Mia hates pink and refuses to wear hand-me-down dresses from her older sisters, instead opting for t-shirts and shorts and her favourite baseball cap. She adores sport of any kind and can already run faster than any of her sisters - she moans that the girls never want to play with her in the backyard, and loves it when her football-mad cousins come to stay. Mia refuses to take part in any of Lila's shows but loves all of her sisters dearly, despite longing for a brother. She spends a lot of time with her youngest siblings in the hope that the tomboy vibe will rub off on them!

♀ Lily Charlotte and ♀ Grace Elizabeth ~ 6th July 2008 (3)

Lily and Gracie are the "summer babies" and are never seen without big smiles on their chubby little faces! Their giggles are infectious and people often comment that they light up a room. Lily is the elder twin, born 20 minutes before Grace, and she is the more vivacious of the two. She is intelligent and enjoys interacting with other children at nursery. Grace is more introverted and prefers it when it's just the two of them, but has a very laid-back attitude and generally goes along with whatever her twin sister wants. They love playing with their dolls and are happy to be bossed around by their big sisters - whether it's Matilda reading them a book, Lila directing them in one of her shows, Scarlett doing their hair and make-up, or Amelia teaching them how to catch a ball! Both girls have brown hair that looks red in the sun, and piercing green eyes.

♀ Isla Madeleine ~ 23rd December 2009 (18 months)

Isla was our Christmas baby! She was due on Xmas Eve but came one day early. She has white blonde hair and blue eyes, so looks very different from all of her sisters. Isla is an easy-going baby and has a personality most similar to Matilda's. She loves water and bath times can be extremely messy thanks to her love of splashing people! Everyone adores Isla and thanks to her 6 big sisters, she will be the most cherished and looked-after baby for miles :)

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