American Adventures Month on August, 2024: When do americans take vacation?

August, 2024 is American Adventures Month 2024. Sweet Desktops: American Adventures Month! American Adventures Month!

When do americans take vacation?

It use to be every american who got vacation time, usually took it during the summer months, at least that was the way when I was a kid in the 60's. but today, I guess people got tired of crowded vacation spots and now they vacation whenever they can plan/afford it, of course if you have the money to burn, you'll go when you darn well feel like it. Most americans get 1 to 2 weeks vacation a year, if the place they work at offers vacation time. Where I work at you start getting vacation after your first full year, but the company uses that 1 week of YOUR vacation for plant shutdown (so you'll have to vacation when the Company tells you...usually they use 3 of your vacation days during the week of christmas plus 3 vacation days to make 3 long holiday weekends during other times of the year) then on your 2nd year you get another week....but that's it until you've been working there for 7 years only then you'll get a total of 3 weeks. Most people just get 2 weeks no matter how long they work at a company. Americans get the least amount of vacation time off than other people in different countries.

There are millions of people living/working in New York City, sure you will see tourists, but mostly you'll see Americans...going about their daily lives. If you plan on going in July/August it'll be summer so plan accordingly on clothes to bring. Make sure you have clothes you don't mind getting wet as sometimes it'll get rain, or it could be as hot and humid as you can stand. there is alot to see in New York, Broadway shows, Empire State building, Radio Music hall, The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. Bring lots of money cause it ain't cheap vacationing in New York! Just remember people are rude no matter where you go, just prepare yourself. Buy yourself a New York city street map and if you take a cab ride, make sure your ride doesn't take you on the "scenic route" (when you are only going 5 blocks!!!)

Of course if you base your vacation in New York City, you can always take the train/bus to Boston, or Philadelphia for a few day excursion! I live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and if you are able to make the trip, Pittsburgh is an awesome place to see, its not as crowded as NYC.

Make sure while you are in NYC you DON'T flash you money around, keep your money in your front pocket, don't walk down alleys, if you have a camera, keep it out of sight. Just like any big city you MUST take precautions. Stay in a group as much as possible. and If you plan to see places in New York besides NYC...(like Niagara Falls), You will have a nice adventure.

Have fun!

South American Adventure - any advice from experienced travellers?

South American Adventure - any advice from experienced travellers?

Hi there,

I did the same thing, I travelled through Central America and South America last year for 10 months, and I am hooked. I will go to South America this summer again for about 6 months time, and possibly moving there. Anyway, forget about tour operators, etc., They are pretty expensive, and everything is way too organized, and not really that adventures. Wanna adventure, do it on your own, that's what I did.

It is very helpful if you speak Spanish, if you do not speak any Spanish, I would strongly recommend

to learn some Spanish during your trip. Here's how I would do the trip. Fly to Managua in Nicaragua and go to San Juan del Sur, which is about 2 1/2 hours southwest of Managua on the Pacific Coast. I nice little town with a lot of action, and pretty cheap. Good beer at Happy Hour for $ 0.75 to $ 1.00 a bottle, Cuba Libre for $ 1.00, etc., Go to "San Juan del Sur Spanish School, A week will cost you -are you ready for this? $ 230.00 incl. 20 hours private Spanish lessons, room and board (3 meals a day) with a local family, and afternoon activities with the school, which is optional but included in the price. The director of the school is Veronica Castro, and she speaks English. The school is right on the beach and has pretty good teachers, I know you will love it.

Spend some time in Nicaragua, it is a very beautiful country. From Nicaragua go by bus to Costa Rica (the bus company is called "TICA BUS"), and is very inexpensive, and has very good buses.

I wouldn't stay too long in Costa Rica because it is pretty expensive, and very americanized. From Costa Rica make you way to Panama. Do not miss the islands of "Bocas del Toro" in the north of the Atlantic Coast, and the Panama Canal of course. From Portobello in Panama take a sailing boat to Cartagena in Colombia. The trip takes about 5 days with 2 days stop on "San Blas Islands", and cost you about $ 400.00. This trip is amazing. If you do this trip go on the boat called "The Wild Card", this is a 60' sailing boat from Australia, and the captain is John Cordon (everybody knows him in Portobello). John is a really cool guy.

In Cartagena (one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America), stay at the hostel "El Viajero". A dorm room is about $ 12.00/night incl. breakfast. This is the newest and best hostel in Cartagena in the best part of town.

Stay a few days in Cartagena or a few weeks and then go to Santa Marta. Stay at the "Dreamers Hostel", about $ 9.00/night without breakfast. Through the hostel book a trip to "La Ciudad Perdida" (The Lost City), which is a 5 day trek through the jungle and unvelieveable.

I think I am getting carried away. When in Colombia you might have a hard time to continue to other countries because you will meet the most beautiful women in the world.

There are so many more things I could suggest to you, and if you interested please let me know.

I did all my trips with Central / South America by bus. There are a number of good bus operators in all countries.

Have fun.

P.S. I would book accommodation through or

Is it worth it to join National American Miss?

Is it worth it to join National American Miss?

Hey Nessa,

Is it worth it to join National American Miss? Absolutely! I have been involved with National American Miss since 2004 and when I look back at pictures from then to now its amazing to see how much I have truly grown since then. Not just physically but overall. The skills I have gained through the system have helped me tremendously now as a college student as well as for the future. These are skills I've learned throughout the years through being involved with this organization that will last me a LIFETIME.

Some skills I truly value in gaining through this system are my interview skills and speaking in front of others (which is the number one fear in America). As a college student going through the school interviews the admissions counselor have complimented my interview skills and how impressed they were to hear a young lady with such great interview skills, all which I credit to National American Miss. I carried over what I learned through the interview competition to real life settings such as college interviews and job interviews. Public Speaking is not an easy thing to do for a lot of people. As a communications student the personal intro competition has helped me become more confident in doing so- for college presentations or at events through my community. In the beginning I was a bit shy to do my personal intro and now I love it and I can assure you that you will too :) I am much more confident in speaking in front of people. I am also learning and constantly improving through the process which I truly do enjoy.

My family has instilled me the importance of giving back to your community, which National American Miss prides their contestants on being actively involved with. 10% of your score is community service which was one of the main reasons my family support National American Miss and have supported me throughout my entire experience. At National American Miss it really is a family event. During the formal wear competition you have an escort which my brother has always looked forward to escorting me for. You also meet families of all different cultures,ethnicities, and backgrounds. I am always ready to brag about having a huge network of friends throughout my state and country thanks to NAM. My family has always been very supportive of whatever adventure I choose to take on and they love that they can be very involved through this system as well.

At National American Miss it does not matter what color skin you have, or the color of your hair. I am 100% Puerto Rican and that was never an issue, in fact I am very actively involved in my hispanic community and use that to talk about in my interview competition and community service work. I embrace my ethnicity and am very proud of who I am. I love having the opportunity to share that with others and since you are proud to be Mexican others are going to love to hear about it as well and will accept you no matter what, especially at National American Miss.

As far as sponsorship, you can host a fundraiser, host a bake sale in your neighborhood, or even host a tag sale to raise some money for your sponsorship fee. I love baking and it has helped me raise money for something I really want to do through something I love doing-baking!You can actually raise a lot of money through a bake sale. There are so many options and you can never be to creative when it comes to raising sponsorship fees friends and family love to be a part of a new adventure so asking some friends and family usually works as well.

As the reigning National American Miss National Queen I plan on visiting a lot of state pageants and I hope I get the chance to meet you at your state pageant Nessa! If you have any questions you can send me a message on twitter and follow me throughout my reign at Good luck!

Love always,

Amaryllis Rodriguez

2010-2011 National American Miss National Queen

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