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With the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games (French: Jeux olympiques d'hiver) is a major international sporting event that occurs once every four years.

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The 2006 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XX Olympic Winter Games (French: Les XXes Jeux olympiques d'hiver), was a winter multi-sport event which was held in Turin, Italy from February 10 to 26, 2006. This marked the second time Italy hosted the Olympic Winter Games, the first being the VII Olympic Winter Games in Cortina d'Ampezzo in 1956. Italy also hosted the Games of the XVII Olympiad in Rome in 1960. Turin was selected as the host city for the 2006 games in 1999.

What are winter Olympics?

Winter olympics are the winter equivelant to the more popular summer olympics.

where summer oympics consist of events such as athletics, swimming, field hockey, basketball, marathon, triathalon, diving, tennis, weightlifting,softball, rowing, fencing, boxing, table tennis, judo, wrestling, taekwondo, gymnastics, and other commo summer sports.

winter olympics generally consist of events such as down hill skiing, downhill snowboarding, cross country skiing, half pipe, slalom, snowboard cross (like moto cross), luge, bobslegh, ice hockey, figure skating, ice dancing, speed skating, ariels, skeleton, curling, ski jump, and other winter based sports

like the summer olympics, the winter olympics are held at a different location every 4 years

Where were the 1994 Winter Olympics held?

Where were the 1994 Winter Olympics held?

The 1994 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XVII Olympic Winter Games, were celebrated in 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. Other candidate cities were Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Östersund/Åre, Sweden; and Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1986 the IOC voted to change the schedule of the Olympic Games so that the summer and winter games would be arranged in alternating even-numbered years. Lillehammer won the right to host the event in September 1988 in Seoul before the opening ceremony of the 1988 Summer Olympics. The Lillehammer Games were held in 1994, the only time the Winter Games have been staged two years after the preceding games.

The Lillehammer Olympics are still considered to this day by sport specialists and Olympic officials as one of the greatest Winter Games ever, and it ranks among the greatest sporting events in history

The unofficial lowlite of the games:

For better or worse, the Lillehammer games may be best evoked in most people's memories by two names. Tonya and Nancy. It was an ugly attack before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on skater Nancy Kerrigan by cohorts of teammate and rival Tonya Harding that set up the most anticipated moment of the Games. Harding's goons were arrested following the Kerrigan clubbing and charged in a plot to improve Harding's chances of medaling by removing Kerrigan from competition. The plan failed and Kerrigan did compete, finishing with the silver meda

Other facts about these games:

Nations participating 67

Athletes participating 1737 (1215 men, 522 women)

Events 61 in 6 sports

Opening ceremony February 12, 1994

Closing ceremony February 27, 1994

Officially opened by HM The King, Harald V

Athlete's Oath Vegard Ulvang

Judge's Oath Kari Karing

Olympic Torch HRH The Crown Prince, Haakon

Stadium Lysgårdsbakkene

Final medal count:

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total

1 Russia 11 8 4 23

2 Norway 10 11 5 26

3 Germany 9 7 8 24

4 Italy 7 5 8 20

5 United States 6 5 2 13

6 Korea 4 1 1 6

7 Canada 3 6 4 13

8 Switzerland 3 4 2 9

9 Austria 2 3 4 9

10 Sweden 2 1 0 3

sports in the winter olympics?

sports in the winter olympics?

The winter Olympics are held every 4 years, just like the summer games. The difference is that they are held interspersed so that every 2 years we have an Olympic games. The next winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, BC Canada in 2010. The games are never held in the same place concurrently (summer and winter).

The are so many sports in the games that it is hard to list. All types of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey, curling, bobsled, luge, skeleton, etc.

Hope that helps.

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