Cell Phone Courtesy Month on July, 2024: Did you know that July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month?

July, 2024 is Cell Phone Courtesy Month 2024. Image Savvy Consultants: July Is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

Did you know that July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month?

No, but did YOU know that July is Ice Cream month??? Wait... didn't I already answer this?

Have a great... Oh drat.. there goes my cell phone again!

Cell phone nightmare?

Cell phone nightmare?

If your father has an older sprint phone he can place that phone on his line while he waits for his replacement phone to arrive. It won't cost him anything but a short phone call to customer service and it might even be possible for him to activate the old phone over the internet at sprint.com (depending what billing cycle he is in, if he uses a pin number when he calls in) if he calls customer service and calmly describes his problem most times the rep. will give him some sort of credit for his trouble, like courtesy min. or x amt. of dollars off his next bill. Just remember that he has to keep his cool, these reps spend all day hearing customers complain and they are far more likely to help a customer that is calm and collected than one that gets angry. another solution is to call until you get a rep who can help you, if one isn't working you can hang up and try again, just keep in mind that every time you call that rep is writing a note in your account about the reason for the call and what they did to help. Most times if they see you've called and called they won't help you either.

cell phone help?

cell phone help?

It's hard to answer the question not knowing what is wrong with the phone. If there is a manufacturer's defect with the phone, then LG should cover the repairs (cell phones generally have a 1 year warranty). Verizon may as a courtesy exchange or help to exchange the phone.

If you have damaged the phone in some way, then your insurance would be responsible for the replacement.

If you want to cancel your service, then it's a customer service issue.

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