Fair Housing Month on April, 2024: Is this fair (CSA question)?

April, 2024 is Fair Housing Month 2024. The Fair Housing Act at 45: A Time for Celebration and Action‎ Last Chance to Save Civilization Perhaps.

Is this fair (CSA question)?

No. The CSA are not fair to the payer. It's wrong . The house equity should cut down how much you pay per month. Good luck.

Calling in a Fair Rent Officer...?

Calling in a Fair Rent Officer...?

How can we tell is £675 is 'fair' or not if you don't tell us where you are in the UK? It would be a bargain in central London, expensive in Blackburn.

For an idea of 'fair' rents in your area, check out the 3-bed LHA (Housing Benefit) rate for your council here: . This will be enough to rent 3 out of 10 3-bed places in your area. The 'average' will be around a tenner more per week.

Of course, if you go to a fair rent assesment, you are not going to get your tenancy renewed when it expires - in fact, the rent change suggests it has aleady expired, so the landlord could give you 2 months notice under section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act. So not only will a move be forced upon you, but it is likely to be around Xmas before the bailiffs come - do you want that? If you are on housing benefit, you will find it difficult to find a landlord who will rent to you, and those properties are going to be at the lower end of the market.

Why don't you look at making the property worth that extra £70? There are lots of things you can get your landlord to do - but you can do stuff too. A large tin of emulsion at a place like 'Home Bargains' will cost a tenner, and be enough to make a couple of rooms nice and fresh again.

Don't forget, rents are negotiable. If the current property is over the 3-bed LHA rate, and as tatty as you say, he will have difficulty re-letting without spending lots of £££s. If he doesn't spend, he will have the place empty for months - more £££s lost. Turn this to your advantage - say you will redecorate all of it within the next 6 months in exchange for a new 12 month contract at £625. This benefits him - nicer property, no empty time and tenant guaranteed for 12 months, and benefits you - reduced rent and guaranteed home for 12 months (so long as you don't break the contract).

Is it fair?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Is it fair?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

I see how she could be a little mad. you're 14...you have a hickey. And the whole unhooking bra thing, she probably doesn't understand it was just a joke...try telling her it is. I know what it is like having moms like that, if you want to talk email me or something!!

And 2 months?! that is DEFINITLY NOT fair...maybe one day, if anything! But im guessing your mom is strict.

Hope i helped!!

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