Defeat Diabetes Month on April, 2025: Should the U.S help defeat Al-Qaida in the Middle East?

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Should the U.S help defeat Al-Qaida in the Middle East?

No that is stupid--I said it!

Too many people have lost their lives?--what are you talking about.

We have lost 4000 people in FOUR YEARS--fighting a bunch of nutbags that blow themselves up!---we are a nation of 300 million! We can lose a few million before we even have to start rethinking anything--We lose forty thousand people to diabetes each year--180,000 to hospital screw ups!

YES THAT SOUNDS CRUEL AND HEARTLESS--but I base this on the fact that we lost 8000 a month in WWII and nobody thought about quitting back then--our population was a third of what it is today.

The problem with LEAVING NOW is that it gives RADICAL ISLAM a victory and intern garners more recruits for them--it also makes us a less than trustworthy ally to the nations that depend on us.

You said it yourself--they will not stop until they have ISLAM as the PRIME RELIGION of the world. I for one don't like that idea--I hate facing east in the mornings!--in the afternooons--not so much.

Better to fight them now--while we hold the best cards.

Sure we can sit behind a big border wall---but they only need to get a NUKE past it--and then we are done--well a large portion of us anyway.


eventually they will come here to attack us again. We can sit and wait for them to find a way around our defenses--and they will despite our best efforts--OR we can go out and challenge them. Make them worry about us killing them when they are not prepared, when they are sleeping or going to work--when they want to spend time with their families,--NOT wait for them to chose the time and place to kill us!

in the modern world--were you can circumnavigate the earth in a few days with a commercial airline ticket and a PASSPORT--what do you mean "LOOK AT TERRORIST FROM A DISTANCE" There is no distance--tomorrow they may be in northern Pakistan, two days later--NEW YORK CITY!

Russia and China don't have the problem we have--ISLAM is outlawed in CHINA! The only churches they have are STATE SPONSORED--and censored.

Russia routinely gets bombed by the RADICAL MUSLIMS FROM CHECHNYA. they invaded CHECHNYA and setup a puppet government that helps them hunt down the RADICALS.

But the USA is a superpower with a lot of economic reasons to be in the middle-east. And it can not simply run away everytime some terrorist group wants to challenge our right to be there.

What message does that send to our allies we have promised to help?

is yogurt good for a 10 month old baby?

is yogurt good for a 10 month old baby?

If your family has a history of type 1 diabetes or auto-immune disorders, then I would say wait until age one.

It is NOT that they can't digest the milk. It is because of some recent information that has come out that children with a family history of type 1 diabetes may overreact to cows milk increasing the likelihood of pancreas problems. Yogurt is made from 100% cows milk with a culture added vs. formula which has a protein removed. Feeding cheese to the baby under 1 sortof defeats the purpose of using formula vs. 100% cows milk since it contains the other half of the protein.

A month ago, I would have said something different, but now I'm not so sure so would suggest waiting until the doc says cows milk is fine.

Note: for those who don't know, infant formula is the stuff leftover from the making of cheese. The two cow proteins are split, one staying in the cheese and the other in the whey which is used to make formula.

What happens when you test positive for diabetes?

What happens when you test positive for diabetes?

There's a very strong chance that your blood sugar (glucose) level will still be positive, my friend. The second blood test, which will be taken from a vein in your arm into a vial, will be sent to the laboratory for confirmation, or denial, of your doctor's initial suspicion that you have diabetes.

The test sent to the laboratory will be what's called a glycated haemoglobin [hemoglobin, if you are, in fact, one of my American cousins] ... a HbA1c test. The results from this test show an average of what your blood glucose level has been like over the previous 3 months, with a bias towards the previous 30 to 40 days.

Because your blood sugar level wasn't incredibly high, the suspicion would be that you are, most likely, a type 2 diabetic. This CAN, in some cases, be controlled with "lifestyle changes" i.e. by controlling your diet and by taking more exercise. This, however, is not enough for all type 2 diabetics, and they MAY need to have oral medications too.

Your loss of weight and control of your diet WILL, in all likelihood, have reduced your blood sugar level, but there's no defeating the HbA1c test ... at least, not in the two weeks between the two tests.

Your doctor will keep an eye on you, but he will expect you to do the majority of the work. He will probably give you a blood glucose meter (glucometer) and test strips, or provide you with a prescription to obtain them from your chemist/pharmacy.

You will be given instruction on when to test your blood sugar levels, and offered guidance on the types of foods that you need to cut back on. (Your doctor MAY actually suggest that you see a dietitian, who would be able to give you a firmer footing on which types of foods you can eat that won't affect blood glucose levels, which foods MAY cause a sudden 'spike' in blood glucose levels, and foods which definitely would cause a 'spike' in blood glucose levels. You should also be given instruction on what to do if your blood glucose readings are very high.)

There are things that can cause a rise in blood glucose levels apart from diabetes, my friend, such as if you were suffering an underlying infection at the time of testing, you were going through a period of extreme stress at the time of testing, or if you were taking certain types of medication which are known to cause a rise in blood glucose levels. (These medications often contain steroids, such as the types prescribed for the treatment of asthma, or for the treatment of certain specific types of infection.)

I wish you well, and I truly do hope that IF you are diagnosed as diabetic, that it won't be such a shock to the system as it initially sounds. (Believe me, my friend, IF you are diabetic, it's better to find out sooner, rather than later. There's less chance of complications setting in if treatment is started early.)

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