Golden Rule Week on April, 2025: How and when is the golden rule applied?

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How and when is the golden rule applied?

The Golden rule is a legal concept that allows for a particular passage of law to be interpreted in light of the larger document of which it is a part. This avoids taking a law out of context. It also applies to interpreting literature or scripture.

Here’s how it might apply to Yahoo Answers. Ordinarily, there would be nothing wrong with the following question:

Question: “I’m a gay Jehovah’s Witness and want to know if I can become a ministerial servant if I refrain from acting on my orientation. Can I?”

However, suppose that the asker’s profile is reviewed and it is obvious that he is NOT one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and has a long-standing pattern of trolling in the R&S section. For example, two weeks ago he claimed to be a Catholic Pedophile priest and wanted to know what the legal repercussions would be.

In such cases, his profile may be referred to the Yahoo Answers team and he may be suspended. That’s because they go beyond examining his individual Q/A and look at the bigger picture. So in such a case, I suppose we could say that the Golden rule is being applied on this site.

Edit: For users who ask (or answer) questions that looked at individually do not violate the guidelines, you really should NOT report them. Instead, send the profile to customer care for review. They can look at the bigger picture. This can occur, for example, with users who are heavily into some sort of fetish and post questions claiming to be 13 years old and getting a spanking and then claiming to be a 42 year old mother considering spanking a child. The Yahoo Answers team is best equipped to deal with fetish trolls. The CC board, however, just looks at the question or answer when deciding whether to grant an appeal.

What are the golden rules of fantasy football?

What are the golden rules of fantasy football?

I've never heard of the golden rules, but I can throw you a few conclusions that I've found over the years:

1. If using the standard scoring system, having 2 productive RBs is critical.

2. The #1 Waiver-Wire slot is gold so don't relinquish this spot unless you absolutely have to. Some stud RB will go down during the season and you want to be the guy with the clear shot to grab his backup.

3. Never join a public league if you can form a league yourself. There is nothing like good competition among friends and players in public league routinely quit during the season.

4. If you run your own league, collect entry fees and give away money to the league champion and playoff teams, it will encourage league participation and make your league more interesting.

5. Always create a league constitution with your basic rules outlined. This will help to solve disputes during the season which will no-doubt arise. Continue to build your constitution as the season progresses.

6. Always schedule your championship game on either Week 15 or Week 16. Week 17 is too risky because many good players sit this game out and you don't want to ruin your championship game because of this, so think ahead.

7. Establish a trade-deadline well before the playoff begin to be sure no shady trades are made late in the season.

8. Never draft a kicker or defense if you don't have to. Load up on RBs and WRs during the draft and drop your 2 weakest players when you must pick up a kicker and defense on game day. This strategy will help you avoid losing key players to injury during the preseason because you'll have other viable players available instead of worthless kickers and defenses taking up roster spots.

9. Always schedule a live draft if you can. It builds league camaraderie and encourages people to stick around year after year.

10. In preparation for your fantasy draft, be sure to create a detailed fantasy football cheat sheet to reference as you build your roster. Knowledge is power and the fantasy draft is where champions are born in the world of fantasy football.

Your thoughts on "The Golden Rule"?

Your thoughts on "The Golden Rule"?

I think the Golden Rule really is golden. My own personal variation is "Never expect more from others than you do from yourself." And by others I don't just mean individuals, but also corporations, communities and society itself.

To give an example, many people get upset when they have some debt (credit card, store bill, mortgage, whatever) and they get phone calls from debt collectors demanding their money. But what would these people do if someone owed them money and wouldn't repay it? Would they just say "no big problem, pay me back when you can, if ever"? I doubt it.

Same thing with government officials. When President Obama recently made a comment about looking like he was competing in the Special Olympic, it caused an uproar, but I bet 95 percent of us say things as bad or worse than that every week.

Rather than moralizing, more people should ask themselves, "How would I feel in that situation? Have I ever done something like that or the equivalent?" The world would be a much better place if they did.

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