Golf Month on August, 2024: Golfing Practice and 2 Months to do it?

August, 2024 is Golf Month 2024. Golf Monthly is a monthly golfing magazine published by IPC Media. It is edited by Michael Harris.

Family Golf Month

Golf Monthly is a monthly golfing magazine published by IPC Media. It is edited by Michael Harris.

Golf Month

The sun is out, and also the grass is eco-friendly – celebrate Golf Month by escaping . around the course!

Golfing Practice and 2 Months to do it?

Key things to remember are:

The golf swing is not about brute's timing, sweet spot and flexibility, finesse, ease and follow through. Swing speed is important, but most important is control. If you are not hitting the fairway on your drives, don't use your driver. Slow it down, sacrifice distance and find control.

Spend more time practicing the short game....Chips, short pitches/flops and putting. Putt when you can, Bump and run when you can....pitch and flop when you have to. Take disastrous mishits out of your results if possible. Practice putting till the lights go out....confidence in putting can save your

game. 3 putts and more are unacceptable.

Spend the first week playing and keeping a record of your game. Are you hitting the fairway on your drive? Hitting the greens in regulation? Penalties? Sand? Chips? Putts. Keeping track will let you

know where your game is in need of help. Then put a little more concentration in that area.

Relax and have fun. Take each hole as a new beginning. Anger, tension and impatience are not as one with golf, in fact a sure way to sabotage your game. Breathe.

Don't over do it with, sodas, red bull, monster, cigarettes. A beer or two won't hurt....but focus is a necessity, in addition to the relaxation.

Watch the Golf Channel and rent some videos from your local library.

Take Yoga at you local YMCA.

Control the testerone.

Have a great time.

Introduction to Golf?

Introduction to Golf?

Welcome to Golf!

Let's take this a question at a time...

1. A tee time is a reserved time to begin play on the course. These times are usually reserved 2-7 days in advance. Depending on how busy the course is this may change, but typically to play during the week or in the afternoons on the weekends does not necessarily require a tee time because the course is much less crowded. Ask the course staff for details on this.

2. There are different levels of courses to play on:

Public Course - These are the most common courses, and you just pay your green fee (what you pay to play) and go play. You can practice there anytime and just pay to play.

Private Course - These are mostly country clubs. There is usually some kind of process involved to join (ranging from credit checks, interviews, references, etc. depending on how high scale it is). These courses tend to be (but not always) in better condition than public courses, and obviously cost more. You cannot play on these unless you are a member or are playing with a member. If you are playing with a member you still must pay the green fee to play. The nice thing about this membership is it is all inclusive. You get unlimited access to the practice facilities, unlimited range balls, and unlimited play. There is however, usually a minimum amount you must spend on dining per month as well. If you eat out fairly regularly that shouldn't be a problem though. As far as family, all country clubs offer single, family, and junior memberships. The family memberships are usually at a fairly good deal, and you get more for your money.

Semi-Private Course - This is a public course, but also offers memberships. Basically this membership makes playing cheaper and is usually done on an annual basis. (One payment usually). The membership usually grants unlimited play and sometimes a certain amount (sometimes unlimited) range balls.

3. Advantages of a membership - Some small benefits are exclusivity (you don't run into loud, drunk people who don't respect the game at a private club usually), the atmosphere is nicer, they usually have a pool, gym, and tennis courts, you get access to dining, and there are MANY family and couples events hosted by the club throughout the year.

The main benefit however, is making golf cheaper. Golf can be very expensive, so if you play enough then a membership is worth it. What you want to do is average out how much you would spend at a public course playing and practicing, then see what kind of a cost for a membership it would take to offset that. To put it simply, if your whole family will be playing quite often (once a week), then it becomes MUCH MUCH cheaper to have a membership. In general the atmosphere around private clubs is very good for children as well.

If you are just starting and don't know if you will get heavy into playing golf then hold off on any membership though, because if you aren't going to play enough golf, then the cost becomes very counter-productive. Public courses are very nice to just play casually once in a while, and you can find inexpensive places to play as well.

Official recommendation to find what works best for you??

1. Estimate how much golf your family will be playing and how many golf balls you will hit on average. (remember to factor in winter off time as well)

2. Add up everything and get an average monthly cost.

3. Talk to probably 10 courses. Just call them and ask for pricing information. Make sure at least 2 of them are private, and the rest public or semi-private.

4. Take a look at your costs and compare them. If your cost of paying publicly is higher than privately for the amount of golf you will play, then you should join a club. If not, stay with public courses. Remember to factor in minimum food costs if you don't already eat out a couple of times a month or so.

General Ideas.. just to give you an idea of costs:

Public Course - 18 hole round of golf without cart = $18-$30 depending on quality

Semi-private - 18 hole round same as public, yearly membership $600-$1,000

Private - Usually initiation fee (one time) of $1,000-$20,000 (obviously depending on the scale, many are under $3,000). Montly dues of $200-$1,000 per month, and minimum monthly dining of $50-$200 per month.

Hope that helps!!

Golfing in Vegas next month?

Golfing in Vegas next month?

I have always enjoyed Painted Desert. As far as challenging lol....if the winds pick up in the desert....every course is challenging lol

Another one I like is Revere Golf Club.. Lexington course

Holidays also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...