National Family Literacy Month on November, 2024: Should there be a National No Television Day?

November, 2024 is National Family Literacy Month 2024. Family Literacy Month Family Literacy Month

Should there be a National No Television Day?

Yes, I think there should be a National No Television Day, great idea. I think maybe more people would apprecite their families and spend more time with friends. I think that we could teach ourselves something new by time away from the box, do things we don't usually do as a majority - walk, read more...etc.

I think that those people with children would benefit from this as their learning and development would increase, and also adults that have literacy problems - I think TV takes children away from their learning and education - they spend more hours in front of the box than doing any other activity. I think kids need more attention from parents. I know parents who just put their kids infront of the tv because they want them to be quiet or they don't have time for them.

Personally I think TV is ok in small doses, but overall its crap, you pay so much for Sky/Cable/Satellite services but its all a bunch of repeats, no thanks waste of money, so I am definately NOT TV person, more an internet/reading/talking person, so I say bring it on!!

Any Links for Literacy (or the lack thereof) Statistics? 10 points!?

Any Links for Literacy (or the lack thereof) Statistics? 10 points!?

Well, i haven't been in US, but heard about their economy, status, background and etc etc. Even i love America but i really don't want to go America ever in my life in any case.

So, the literacy promotion study, was conducted in 1996 in a primary care setting with low-income Hispanic parents of healthy 5-11 month old infants found:

1. The odds of parents reading to their child three or more days a

week were 10 times greater in the intervention families than the

control families.

2. Parents in the intervention were six times more likely than were

control parents to report that one of their three favorite activities

with their child was reading books.

The National Evaluation of The Even Start Family Literacy Program conducted in 1996-97 found the following reasons for participating in the program:

1. 56% for the adult education component;

2.19% for early childhood education,

3. 14% for parenting education,

4. 11% for parent self improvement.

The NALS found that the relationship between adults' health conditions and their literacy skills varies depending on the condition. Adults with conditions such as hearing difficulty, a speech disability, a learning disability, or mental retardation usually have Level 1 skills. Adults with other conditions usually have Level 2 skills.

In a 1993-94 study conducted at two public hospitals, 23.6% of patients with inadequate functional health literacy did not know how to take medication four times a day compared to 9.4% with marginal functional health literacy, and 4.5% with adequate functional health literacy.

A number of national and state organizations in the U.S., including the National Governor's Association, have identified Level 3 proficiency as a minimum standard for success in today's labor market. Findings from the IALS assessment indicate that only half of the U.S. adult population 16-65 years of age reached Level 3.

The 2001 American Management Association Survey on Workplace Testing found the following:

1. 4.1% of applicants tested by respondent firms lacked the basic s

skills necessary to perform the jobs they sought in 2000.

2. 84.6% of the respondent firms did not hire skill-deficient


3. 3.5% hired skill deficient applicants and assigned them to

bligatory remedial training,

4. 3% hired them and offered voluntary remedial training,

5. 8.2% took other action.

In the 1992 NALS: 31% of welfare women had minimal skills, compared to 13% of non-welfare women; 37% had basic skills compared to 25% of non-welfare women; 25% had competent skills compared to 37% of non-welfare women;

Well, i hope this will work.

Where can I find the list of occasions for everyday of the year?

Where can I find the list of occasions for everyday of the year?

Here is a site that has EVERYTHING (URL below):

---- April 2.

Autism Awareness Week

---- April 5 - 11.

Adult Literacy Awareness Month

---- September.

AIDS Awareness Month, National

---- November.

Alaska Day

---- October 18.

Alaska Flag Day

---- July 9.

American Beer Month

---- July.

American Eagle Day

---- June 20.

American Family Day

---- August 2.

American Heart Month

---- February.

American Indian Heritage Month, National

---- November.

American Recycles Day, National

---- November 15.

American Red Cross Month


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