Happy Cat Month on September, 2024: Is My 11 month old cat Happy?

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Is My 11 month old cat Happy?

the more attention you give him, the more he wont like you. cats take attention as an aggressive behavior... play with him as you normally do, but sometimes just ignore him. he'll come and visit you and play when he feels like it. the more you ignore him the ore he'll pay attention to you. but when he does come up to you asking for attention, give it to him until he leaves.

My cat Is 11 months old and she still looks like a kitten. help!?

My cat Is 11 months old and she still looks like a kitten. help!?

My 3 year old cat is smaller than my 6 month old kitten! Are you feeding her kitten food though? Thats very important because they need the extra protein and nutrients that kitten food gives so if you are feeding her regular or cheap food she may not be getting everything she needs to grow and develop properly which would make her small and perhaps if it is serious other things you cant see (like under-developed internal organs). If shes 11 months she should be due her next set of vaccinations in a couple of months? Ask the vet about it then (or sooner if youre worried, obv)

Oh and also is she wormed? You need to worm them every month for kittens - if she has worms the worms would be taking her nutrients and making her under-nourished.

Make sure shes wormed and on good quality kitten food

If everything else seems normal then dont worry. If its just her size and she seems healthy and happy in every other way I wouldnt worry too much.

Will some cats never mix with other cats?

Will some cats never mix with other cats?

First let me say how great it is that you and your wife adopted a 7 yr old cat from a shelter. I volunteer at a shelter (in the cat room) and we love people like you. EVERYone wants kittens! They come in saying that they want to save a cat, but then they go adopt a kitten. It's rarely the kittens who need saving! And your wife is wonderful for rescuing her friend's cat. She saved his life. Shelters are so overcrowded, now more than ever, and especially being deaf, he probably would've been put down (unless you were lucky enough to find space in a no-kill). Did you know that white cats are often deaf?

Ok, back to your problem. Yes it is perfectly normal for your cat to be pissed off and hissy. Some strange cat has invaded her space! And she hasn't even fully settled in herself yet. Four months isn't very long. Think about how you'd feel if she brought home some strange human to live with you. They can eventually learn to get along or at least leave each other alone, but it will take time. Cats detest change, and this is a huge change for her.

To avoid potential litter box issues, make sure you have at least 2, and they're in good locations -- away from human traffic, some place quiet and private, and most importantly, in places where your female will feel safe. If she's afraid that the male will sneak up on her or ambush her in some way or be waiting for her as she comes out of whatever room is her bathroom, she'll find somewhere else to pee and poop.

The best thing to do initially is separate them and slowly introduce them. Keep the male in a room of his own for a week or so. You can and should visit him in there, but don't let him have full run of the house just yet. This should help calm your female and it's best for your new cat as well. Give your female a couple of days to start eating again. Upset cats can lose their appetite and not eating is a bad thing for cats. Beyond 2-3 days, they can easily start to develop fatty liver disease. Offer her very appealing foods, stinky canned stuff that comes with gravy should interest her. If not, offer her a little cooked chicken or even small amounts of people-tuna. She should feel more comfortable eating with the other cat 'locked up.' If however she doesn't eat anything for days, call your vet for suggestions. He may recommend NutriCal, which is a nutritional supplement that comes in a tube and has the consistency of sticky toothpaste.

Once she's eating again, try feeding them on opposite sides of the door to the male cat's room. Your female won't like it because she can smell him, but what you're trying to do is get her to associate something good, like eating, with this new cat. It helps introduce them in a positive way.

Scent is so important to cats, and probably more than his physical presence, it's his scent that's upsetting her. It tells her she doesn't know him and that she shouldn't trust him. To help familiarize them with each other's scent, take something that each of them like to sleep on and rub it on the opposite cat. Do this a few times. She may not appreciate it, but you are helping her.

She's not coming near to the two of you because she's so busy being on guard against the new cat. She's not sure why you did this or what it means or why he's in her house. She's confused and really stressed. With the male in another room, she may find it a little easier to relax and feel comfortable with you. Give her some treats, play with her using a favorite toy. She needs some extra attention now to reassure her and build her confidence.

Gradually let the male out of the other room for awhile on and off throughout the day and evening. Keep him in there at night. He should be fine. Your home is new and unfamiliar to him and he'll probably feel more safe confined to a smaller space. They may never be best buddies, but his behavior towards her is a good sign. She will continue to hiss and swat at him for quite awhile, months maybe, as she attempts to establish her dominance. She needs to show him she's the boss and that he needs to respect her and her space.

If all else fails or if you want to try to speed things up, you can try Feliway. It's available in pet stores and online and comes as a plug-in or a spray. It is odorless to humans, but is a synthetic pheromone that mimics what a cat 'puts out' when they rub their cheeks (and scent glands) against you, furniture, etc. Feliway comforts and soothes cats in stress, basically tells them everything's okay and they can relax.

Just be patient. By helping your female adjust, you're strengthening your bond with her and she'll learn to trust you even more.

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