International Boost Self-Esteem Month on February, 2025: Esteem Month - Did you know that February is the month for?

February, 2025 is International Boost Self-Esteem Month 2025. Philanthropy in Motion: Day 67: International Boost Self-Esteem Month Boost Self-Esteem Month,

Did you know that February is the month for....?

I did not know all of this. Thank you for the info though.

I’m clinically depressed and I need help.?

I'm clinically depressed and I need help.?

Sorry about all that. Throughout your question you indicated that solving certain problems would help you get over your depression.

You seem pretty worried or miffed about your school situation. I don't know much about the schooling situation in Australia, but there may be an exam that you can just sit without having to go to school and get your qualifications the same way? I'm home-schooled, and I'm planning to take Cambridge International Exams (CIE) for my high school diploma. It's international, and I'm sure they have centers in Australia. They have the UK equivalent for GCSE and AS/A2 levels (known in CIE as IGCSE and AS/A level). IGCSE is for 10th grade and A levels are for 18-19 year olds. If you're interested, you can email me, I'm a little familiar with their program. It's meant for schools that endorse the CIE program. The trick is to find a center that excepts "private candidates" for exams, if your school doesn't have it. It's not all that difficult, and you can order the books and study from home. It requires self-discipline and a good work ethic if you are going to study from home, but it is completely possible. The books you can order take you through it. Most likely just as well as a school (I wouldn't know, I haven't been in school since 4th grade). If your anxiety is about your future then this would take the edge off. Instead of saying you have dropped out of school, say you're home-schooled, and try to find a place that offers certification for home-schoolers for high school exams.

Being 6 months behind isn't all that bad. I'm currently also 6 months behind (technically, I'm actually 2 years behind, but when all is said and done I'll be taking my exams just 6 months later than the usual time) I was studying the wrong material and wasn't aware of CIE until recently. Being behind just means you have to be a bit more driven. Instead of chilling at the pub or watching TV at the end of your day, you study. (8 hour work day+5 hours of study, it's not hard)

You should also try exercising vigorously for at least half an hour everyday. It doesn't matter if it's lifting weights, running, cycling, or competitive sports, exercise makes you feel better about yourself and feels good. It will also get your mind off your problems and is a great way to meet people. If you're good at what you do, it will boost your low self-esteem and if you're not, it's a good chance to learn.

I dislike personally competitive sports and recommend weight lifting. It provides a 'high' not as powerful as self-cutting, but a 'high', nonetheless.

You realized video games were an escape from reality. Good for you. I wouldn't advise weed either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some boring old person who doesn't relate and just thinks it's wrong. The fact is it will eat away at your health and money, as well as causing you to go back to it more and more. If you get caught it also creates a hassle that may have some nasty consequences. If you have free time, I would recommend finding a more beneficial hobby. It could be sports, reading, or learning a special interest. Something that will improve your life for the better.

As far as socializing goes (gosh, I spell everything like an American), it's not really something that I can help you with. All I can say is that you obviously don't have a problem expressing yourself or arranging your thoughts, so it should be rather easy to communicate once you have broken the ice.

You could try seeking peace and a purpose from religion. Just go to the local church, mosque, shrine, and look around. The congregation won't (or shouldn't) try to get you to form some commitment, and they are probably nicer than you think. Christians have a bad name in some places, but the Catholics (despite the recent bad publicity) aren't a bad lot in the least. It's a great place for socializing and there's actually quite a lot of logic in the religions that promote good morals. It's not all pie in the sky.

I realize you probably don't agree with everything I've said, but some things in here you may find can help. It may mean a big lifestyle change, but it will be progress.

If you suffer from clinical depression, you may want to seek professional help above all this. I do agree with you when it comes to medication. It's not good to get dependent on anti-depressants, and there are studies that suggest it may encourage violent tendencies later on.

You can write me at if you want to talk about this more or just need a friend.

Good luck!

Help me please..........?

Help me please..........?

If you do not feel support at home, I would suggest speaking with a person that you look up to (like a teacher) and voicing your concerns. They may be able to give you some resources to help boost your self-esteem.

Suicide is not the way. It is IMPORTANT for you to speak with someone that you are comfortable speaking with to help you through your rough time.

I would also suggest going to

They will give you resources and maybe even counseling or even give you a mentor to help you make friends and feel more comfortable with you who are.

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