International Surf Music Month on June, 2024: Ok please please please help me choose a phone?

June, 2024 is International Surf Music Month 2024. NESMA The Power of East Coast Surf

Ok please please please help me choose a phone..?

well this is what i suggest...LG has music, camera, bluetooth, and of course a touch screen! sounds like an amazing phone!!!

"The Vu(TM) is one of the first touch screen devices to support AT&T Mobile TV - now you can watch live streaming TV shows right on your handset. The large 3" crystal clear display makes it easy to surf the web, watch TV, videos and more! Get the most advanced multimedia and entertainment capabilities in one ultra sleek design. Keep your entertainment options open with AT&T Music, Cellular Video, Video Share, Stereo Bluetooth® capabilities and much more!"

Where to buy wifi connection for a smart phone (iPhone or android phone)?

Where to buy wifi connection for a smart phone (iPhone or android phone)?

what you're looking for is a data feature, not wi-fi. you can add a data feature to your plan. it should cost around 30 dollars a month depending on who your getting service with. it's actually a requirement to have the data feature, your provider won't sell you a smartphone unless you add the feature. the data feature will allow you to surf the web, email, stream music/videos on the go.

now about using data in another country, this will require international roaming and every country has different rates so you would have to talk to customer care to see how much those charges are. there usually isn't packages for international roaming except canada and mexico, and they're usually charged by mb/s. it can be pretty pricey.

PLEASE HELP ME IM desperate!!!!?

PLEASE HELP ME IM desperate!!!!?

Easy up. OK, this is going to take you a couple of hours to do from research and to write, beginning to end.

Seeing you've panicked, resorted to Yahoo Answer, then you'll not like the ethical and proper responses you'll get that will say simply, "Get stuck into it. Do it now. Do it yourself".

No escaping the fact that this is the only morally correct answer. The correct, best, help you need is encouragement to do it yourself.

This is what homework, assignments, essays, are for. To help you learn by doing.

Same as the real world. You couldn't if you became a carpenter call on someone in Yahoo to make a chair or a table because that was what your boss had asked you to do.

‘Sides, offering “best answer’ as a reward for anyone who writes your essay-speech for you is a bit poor. Yahoo “best answers” don’t mean much in real terms. You can’t buy anything with them. They’re a bit of a toss really.

Sure, give whoever helps a “best answer”. You gotta do it anywayl. But your gratitude, sharing the speech you write by email might be truly worth something.

If you're still reading and haven't given me a "thumbs down", then I'll help out with a nudge start suggestion for the first couple of paragraphs... And remember, writing an essay is really simple.

Slong's you keep it simple.

You know. The K.I.S.S. principle.

Take ten minutes out. A glass of water, herbal tea, fruit juice.

Ten deep breaths. Go running in the park for another ten if you're still nervous. Come back to your desk, put ALL the points you've thought about in "surfing" down on a pad of paper.

What points?

Well, it's an international sport.

It is a near global beach-saltwater sport.

Lots of countries have a surfie culture. The best ones, but, are those that have beaches and seawater.

Among the brightest champion surfers are Hawaiians, Australians and mainland Americans. It is fast growing in Latin America too.

Russians and Finns rarely surf. The Swiss don’t do much surfing at home.

Iraqis aren’t known to surf.

Israelis and Palestinians do. Egyptians used to.

The French and the Italians do. The Scots don't. The Irish do, mostly abroad. The Brits do it when they can find a proper fog-free beach and sunlight.

Indigenous Peninsula Malays, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Kadazan tribespeople from North Borneo rarely surf.

Kiwis surf, but not near nuclear warships or French Zodiacs.

Greeks would like to surf. But they don't.

Sicilians don't need to.

Some Turks surf. But only on holidays.

Australia dominates the surfie culture these days because of its

superior and numerous clear sand and high rolling wave beaches that extend around the continent making it a year-round

season to season sport in that country.

Surfie fashions, beachwear, boards, music and culture also

rank highest in that country.

American surfers will argue this one. It's a subjective argument, but. Australia is a different culture and a more open and free society generally. This applies equally to surfie culture.

That's not to say there's not real and heated competition between the two dominant surfing nations.

Girl surfers are among the best. Like gymnasts and ballet dancers, girls have the grace, balance, legwork, elegance, timing, intellect, courage, adventurous spirit and forthright competitiveness necessary for surfing, especially board

riding. Healthy women also have the height, the long legs needed. In anthropology terms, women have evolved further than men and have longer, smoother legs, and are stronger naturally from the waist down.

It is just over three months since an American female surfie, Schuyler McFerran from California) defeated a fellow American and two Australians in the Women’s World Longboarding Championship at Biarritz in France.

McFerran is 19 years old. She defeated fellow Californian Jennifer Smith and Australians Belinda and Deanne Ashmore.

However, the golden crown for all round board competition belongs to Aussie, Layne Beachley. For a long time now, women's surfing has been dominated by Layne a six-times world champion..

The strongest contender is 22 year old Gold Coast (Australia) surfer Chelsea Georgeson, one of the most gifted and aggressive female surfers in the world. Chelsea is the first woman ever to take out surfing's three big titles - the Triple Crown, the Billabong Pro and the World Championship.

Of course, there’s more. There’s the guys too. But that’s another story.

Of equal merit are the excellent surfie photographers who have perfected a photojournalistic artform second to none in sports photography.

You want more?

What more could there be?

Unless you really mean 'Sufis', the trendy alternative religious group?

But 'Sufis' don't surf...!


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