Candy Month on June, 2024: how much money do you spend on candy a month?

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Candy Month

While we might celebrate sweet all year long, June has the benefit of being the official Candy Month. Nobody appears completely sure why or just how June became Candy Month yet, when the title offers you licence to appreciate as much guilt-free candy as you like \*, which cares ?! That's not to say June lacks relevant record: it was in June 1963 that US confectioner Hershey's obtained Harry Burnett Reese's business (yes, the initial Reese of Peanut Butter Cup popularity) and it was in June 1904 that George Cadbury and his staff invented Dairy products Milk.

Some societies consider delicious chocolate to be a type of candy while others consider sweet an unique name for hard-boiled desserts. Nevertheless, it's quite a common term and can be used to describe toffees, marshmallows, licorice, jelly sugary foods, British stone and even more. Yum!

\* Please take pleasure in properly. Your dental professional appreciates your teeth therefore do we.

how much money do you spend on candy a month?

I don't spend any money on candy. However, I am a big spender. I take my friends to lunch, dinner, and so on. Buy my friends clothes, go to movies, go to camp, and many more. I pay all expenses. It cost me around $2,000 to $2,500 a year :p

Can a 3 month old eat candy?

Can a 3 month old eat candy?

candy isn't good because of the sugar. sucking on turkey and ham isn't healthy in case he manages to get some off. but 3 months is probably too young for even tasting. Unless the kid is at the stage where he can start having baby food, he shouldn't have anything other than the milk or formula as it can mess up their digestive system or cause internal bleeding.

Can I live off of twix candy bars for 6 months?

Can I live off of twix candy bars for 6 months?

Two problems:

1. That's a huge proportion of saturated fat. You will significantly clog your arteries with this. Will it kill you within the 6 months? The probability is low, but you will significantly increase your chance of having a heart attack at an early age.

2. Vitamin pills are not enough. We don't know all the things that are in food that our bodies use. For example, we used to think that tomatoes were good for you beceause they contained vitamin C. So, you should be able to replace tomatoes with a vitamin C tablet, right? No, because we later discovered that the lycopene in tomatoes was important for our bodies. Now, we put lycopene into vitamin pills, but we don't know what the other things are in tomatoes that we don't know we need.

I'm assuming that you're just asking as a joke. If you're seriously considering doing this, you need to reconsider how easily your friend manipulates you into doing dumb things.

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