International Tree Climbing Days on August, 2024: What holidays are on August 3rd?

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What holidays are on August 3rd?

International holidays:

Anniversary of the Killing of Pidjiguiti (Guinea-Bissau)

Armed Forces Day (Equatorial Guinea)

Christian Feast Day:

Lydia of Thyatira


Olaf II of Norway (Translation of the relic)

Stephen (Discovery of the relic)

Waltheof of Melrose

August 3 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

Emancipation Day (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Flag Day (Venezuela)

Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Niger from France in 1960.

"Strange" holidays:

Braham Pie Day, National Mustard Day, Watermelon Day, International Tree Climbing Days (3-7)

I want 2 know some information about tree trimmers and pruners

I want 2 know some information about tree trimmers and pruners. I want 2 know what the job is really all about?

Arborists are highly trained professionals. It takes along time to become a good working arborist.

Essentially one starts out by serving an apprenticeship of sorts. They are the low man (or woman) on the totem pole. At this point they have a job because of what they do (work hard) rather than what they know. They're the go-fers, and on-site grunt labor. They do much of the brush hauling, chipping, and clean up work while the more experienced people actually do the tree work.

Over time the young apprentice learns the ropes (both figuratively and literally) and starts assuming new responsibilities. They begin to help with setting up the job-site (cordoning off the area, setting lines in the tree, servicing equipment), and assist in lowering cut limbs from the tree. After being properly trained they may use a chainsaw to buck those limbs to make them easier to chip. If the apprentice isn't interested in climbing he'll continue to expand his knowledge and skills as an expert groundperson (these people may not have the "prestige" of being climbers, but a good one is invaluable).

The experienced climbers might start showing the apprentice some tree climbing techniques after a job is finished. The apprentice will learn how to properly ascend a tree using a line, saddle, and other specialized equipment. He'll also learn how to move through out the tree safely and efficiently (probably the hardest skill, at least for me). Again over time the fledgling climber will get chances to hone his skills under the guidance of more experianced climbers. He'll learn proper pruning techniques, for the health of the tree and the safety of himself and his co-workers, and rigging techniques to lower limbs to the ground in a controlled way. He'll also learn how to operate a chainsaw in a tree (which might be one of the most dangerous things a person can do without being in combat).

At some point along the way he will start studying to become a certified tree worker through a state arborist association, national groups such as TCIA, or international groups like the ISA. There are certifications for groundpersons, arborists (typically climbers, although you don't need to climb to become one), working with electrical hazards, etc......

It's a tough, physically and mentally demanding, dangerous job. It's also stimulating, interesting, exciting, and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm not a working climber per se, I do all kinds of landscape maintenance, but when I get to do tree work it's the highlight of my week. Always!

Who is preforming at the 2008 macy’s day parade??

Who is preforming at the 2008 macy's day parade??

Performance Groups:

-camp broadway

-cherokee national youth choir

-Jewel of the Caribbean

-Mike Miller Dance Team

-National Dancew Institute

-Tap Dancing Christmas Trees

-UCA/UDA Cheerleaders

-Up with people (international)

-USA Climbing


-Akita Noni Rose

-Ashley Tisdale

-Barbie as the Island Princess

-Big Apple Circus Cast members

-Bindi Irwin and the Crocmen

-Dolly Parton

-Corbin Bleu

-The Cast of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

-Good Charlotte

-Lea Michele &Jonathan Groff from "Spring Awakening"


-Jonas Brothers

-Jordin Sparks

-Kay Hanley


-Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007


-Nikki Blonsky and dancers from Hairspray

-Michael Feinstein

-Radio City Rockettes

-Santa and Mrs. Clause

-Sarah Brightman

-The Cast of the Muppets

-Willard Scott

-Wynonna Judd

If you want to see all the Balloons and the bands, go to this site: then click on the "Visit the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade site" button. Then a new window will open and click on Parade information and then click on Parade Lineup.

Holidays also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...