Migraine Awareness Month on June, 2025: What are some Migraine triggers and ways to help get rid of them?

June, 2025 is Migraine Awareness Month 2025. Migraine Awareness Month Migraine Awareness Month,

What are some Migraine triggers and ways to help get rid of them?

I get migraine attacks at least twice a month and any head ache or migraine pills do nothing for me to help.

The best way is to simply lie in a dark room with a cold compress on the head. It also helps to eat regular, balanced meals and drink lots of water. And perhaps most importantly, take time to nurture yourself. Relax, pamper yourself with a full body massage, take warm baths, walk in the fresh air. Meditate to deepen your insight and increase awareness of the patterns and toxic emotions stored within. These activities can release the fatigue, stress, and negative emotions building inside you, which may in fact be causing your migraines.

I also love to heal my migraine with aroma therapy. The sense of smell that aromatherapy creates, reduces the frequency of migraine occurence. I personally use "Migraine Relief Oil Blend", which is a synergistic blend containing essential oils well known to treat migraine head aches. I usually put me some drops on my temples and the back of my neck and also put some drops in a tissue and smell on it from time to time. It really brings relief, and for me it works better than any pill.

best contraceptive for a migraine and acne sufferer?

best contraceptive for a migraine and acne sufferer?

I'm in a similar situation to you - I was on the pill, despite having migraines my doctors kept me on the pill claiming it was my only option, I wasn't old enough or wise enough to know any different, so I ended up having multiple minor-strokes.

IUD's - coper.

Nothing to say that they will worsen periods (I suffer from hyper-menorrhagia, yet I have a copper coil and never had a problem). After childbirth your cervical o will be wider, but it's possible to insert a IUD even if you've not had kids - I'm on my second IUD, never had kids, and never had a problem with insertion. Insertion is only problematic if you suffer from cramps (insertion may cause uterus spasms, so if you have low tolerance to prostaglandin F2 alpha it may cause problems), and the person inserting the IUD isn't well trained or inexperienced (given increase in popularity it's getting better). IUD's are a good option as they require no care, copper IUD's can last up to ten years and as long as it's not expelled within the first few months chances are it'd not expel.

Intrauterine Devices -

Hormonal methods.

Hormonal methods such as hormonal IUD's and contraceptive rings may be an option - both do risk an increase in migraines, but the risk of migraines and stroke are lower than with the pill, patch or shot - these are still likely to be bad options for you, but they may still be options none the less.

Vaginal Ring -

Barrier methods.

Condoms and femidoms are a pain, but you may find diaphragms, caps, sponges or shields to be a better option - yes they still have to be put in before sex, however they can be inserted 2 hours prior to sex rather than condoms or femidoms that have to be inserted during the heat of the moment. On personal experience, I don't trust condoms so these were never an option for me, but I have used a diaphragm and they're not a bad method, especially if coupled with another method for reliability.

Cervical Barriers -

Sponge -


I LOVE this method, I'd still be using it only many doctors are ignorant of the method and at the time I couldn't deal with that so just got an IUD. FAM = Fertility Awareness Method, this is where you monitor basal body temperature, cervical position and cervical mucus daily, it sounds like a lot of effort but once you're used to it the method is easy, highly effective and provides you with invaluable information about your cycles...including potentially giving you more of an idea of how your cycles effect your migraines so you can take pre-emptive preventative action against them. There are various different FAM-type methods, also many tools you can use to help you, from online tracking or tracking apps, cycle beads,right through to Ladycomp or Persona. I personally recommend the most common FAM method as discussed in Taking Charge Of Your Fertility.

Fertility Awareness -

Migraine sufferers and birth control! Need some feedback from you ladies ASAP?

Migraine sufferers and birth control! Need some feedback from you ladies ASAP?

If you suffer from migraines then your doctor should have advised strongly against hormonal birth control such as the pill as you're at FAR greater risk of stroke - although many doctors are apathetic, lazy or just plain ignorant about the risks and other options available to women, it's actually one of the greatest issues facing sexual and female health today.

While on the pill I tried different brands, side-effects ranged from increased migraines, menstrual cramps, a three month long period, and breast pain, through to irritable bowel syndrome, and 'attacks' - what I didn't realise at the time was that these 'attacks' were multiple minor strokes (TIA) caused directly by the pill. My doctor didn't realise this was what was happening so kept me on the pill despite the warning signs of increased migraine, and the fact my life was on the line.

I came off the pill finally after Yasmin caused the irritable bowel syndrome - it was IBS-D so not only painful but also embarrassing and inconvenient, it was pure luck I happened across an article detailing the link between the pill and IBS, as soon as I stopped the pill IBS symptoms stopped and also of course the migraines lessened, the TIA's stopped, and a good few other benefits too.

On the pill I honestly didn't have a day when I didn't experience some sort of headache or migraine, and I had a TIA maybe once a month and bad enough to really put my life at risk. Off the pill I can go months without a headache or migraine, I also only have something similar to TIA's once every year and not serious enough to be a risk to life - oh, and painkillers actually work now if I do get headaches, on the pill NOTHING worked for my headaches.

Coming off the pill I was originally using Fertility Awareness Method - I LOVE this method, only many doctors remain scarily ignorant about not only this method but the basic anatomical functions that allow this method to work. I got sick of harassment and refusal of treatment from medical 'professionals' while using FAM so switched to a copper IUD - hormonal methods were out, and I don't trust barrier methods at all - although I resented having to get one, I now like my IUD.

Hormonal IUD's shouldn't effect migraines in the same way as other hormonal birth control methods because it is more localised, but if concerned about that why not a copper IUD? Many people say that copper IUD's increase flow, it's possible but in my experience this is actually not often the case, and even if there is an increase in flow there are ways to lessen and manage this.

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