Mothers At The Wall Day 2024 is on Saturday, May 11, 2024: Mothers day ideas

Saturday, May 11, 2024 is Mothers At The Wall Day 2024. Vietnam Veterans Memorial 30th Anniversary—2012 Veterans Day ... Memorial 30th Anniversary—2012 Veterans Day Observance at The Wall.

Mothers day ideas??

Well now, it just depends on what sort of a Mother's Day you were originally thinking off. Have you a new born who is up 2 or 3 times through the night? Have you a 5-6 month old who is trying to roll around and crawl or have you a child of 1 and over? If you have a new born why not try and do as much for the baby as you can - bathing, feeding, making bottles, dressing, getting up in the middle of the night (if your partner is breastfeeding get her to express so the bottles are ready for you to use). If you have a 5-6 month old take the main responsibility through the day and let your partner have the 'play time' with the child, where she actually feels like 'Mummy'. If the child is older bring breakfast in bed - a 1yr old can toddle into the bedroom (holding on to doors, walls and beds as necessary and you follow behind carrying a tray with breakfast on it! Then have a family day out planned, right down to your eating out plans (so she doesn't have to organise everything).

Hope this helps.

Mothers day gift ideas?

Mothers day gift ideas?

For a unique idea for Mothers Day, why not consider a personalized Photo Puzzle Made from your own picture. These are available in many sizes up to extra large 1500 piece puzzles and offer a great deal of fun and enjoyment for the money. Once completed, it can be framed and put on the wall as a great keepsake.

Ordering a Photo Puzzle is also easy. Just choose one of Mom's favorite photos such as pictures of her family or friends, a special event or fun vacation photo and send this to the guys at to make into a high quality Jigsaw Puzzle.

Photo puzzles truly are great presents as they are totally unique to your family and you can combine great family memories into a fun gift that your mother will be proud to display in her home. Just wait until you see the look on her face when she puts the puzzle pieces together! A Mother's Day gift doesn't get any more unique or personal than a personalized photo Jigsaw Puzzle.

Is My Mother Holding Me Back or Setting Me Up for Failure?

Is My Mother Holding Me Back or Setting Me Up for Failure?

Your Answer:

In a way i understand where your mother is coming from. Now i am only 21 years old but im a daughter to a mother who is the opposite of your mother. My brother was somewhat like you. Took life as it came by day by day, not exactly planning for the future and somewhat dwelling on the past, angry almost half the time, depressed thinking life was unfair, and blaming my mother for all his faults and miseries. My mother, unlike yours, helped and still helps my brother like hes five years old. Holds his hand for everything. She sustains him and his gf and his two kids. he does not work, isnt in school, and sleeps all day with his gf. She watches his kids when he wants to go out and he doesnt buy or pay for any of his stuff like toilet paper, food, etc. So in a way she thinks shes helping him, but hes taking advantage of her and using her. Shes not helping him by doing all of that for him because she should be pushing him to be independent and support his own family be a man, etc. So in a way your mom did good in lettign you fend for yourself.

Why she put you in a psych ward i dont know. I personally dont think your crazy. You may have anger issues or be depressed but not to the point that you needed to be isolated. Personally im going through a similar situation. I consider myself the good child at home because i get perfect grades, im in college, i work and am very stable socially, but my mom expects me to help support the family instead of going to school to get educated. Can you believe this, i have to work but my lazy brother can sleep all day with his gf. Then she also messed with my head saying that I am sick, that i need psychological help because i get angry at everything and because i cant let go of the past. My mother also put me through a lot of bs. me being the oldest i had to take on so many responsibilities. I had no childhood, just a lot of responsibilities and pain. I had to keep it a secret that my mom was unfaithful, she told me everytime we were behind on bills we would be homeless soon, she would beat me and tell me off all the time. I know your pain but i didnt dwell on it too much. I took it as a way of saying, ok then if you want to hurt me then i will hurt you but slowly. My plan is to finish up college and go out of state abroad. If i stay away from her she cant hurt me, especially when i cut off all communication with her. I know my strengths and weaknesses and we dont need people to hold us back, even if they are our parents. My mom doesnt want me in college much less graduate school but i want that PHD. By all means you have a lot to write about, i would def by your book because i could relate. A book on mothers who by hurting us only give us the strength to move forward. its all about whether you let her negativity bring you down or make you stronger. I learned to let the pain and anger make me stronger! I personally refuse to let her to me anymore, i think i shed my last tears of pain. As of right now i have more anger towards her than anything but that anger is my drive my will, my passion to keep going. To think i used to just want to die, but i have a life to live away from her. Be strong and do what YOU want to do and only for you! Try and keep your relationship between you and your child different from the one you and your mother had. Dont let history repeat itself. I say do what you want and i would encourage you to write. I know journaling has been a great way of relieving my pain and anger otherwise i would not be alive right now or i would have done something really stupid. Do what makes you happy and not what others think or say. It will also make you much more confident when you do things for you and they work out great. And dont gloat or show off when you succeed, jut smile and keep smiling everyday! I hope this helps and if you ever want to talk, i know im young but feel free to contact me!! :)

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