National Women's Health Week on May, 2024: The Week of May 13-19 is National Women's Health WeekWhat Ya gonna do?

National Women's Health Week 2024. National Women's Health Week 2013 – NE FL Healthy Start Coalition ... National Women's Health Week

The Week of May 13-19 is National Women’s Health Week....What Ya gonna do?

make sure that my gf goes in for a mammography and her annual physical.

Study released this week reports most states are failing in women’s health

Study released this week reports most states are failing in women's health. What can be done about it?

This is the nation devoted to capitalism. Some seem to expect that one economic system to take care of everything. Hence, no health care for those who are not employed by an entity that can provide health insurance or those who are so destitute the government will provide some minimal care. There are millions of people, men, women and children (remember the shrubs veto of child health care?) who are without health care. Oh, and should you be one of those unfortunate enough to have a mental illness,well you'll suffer all your life and not receive effective help.

This is not a gender issue, it's a national tragedy for all categories of people.

Feminist Goals and the National Women’s Conference, What’s Your Thoughts?

Feminist Goals and the National Women's Conference, What's Your Thoughts?

1. An increase in prenatal care and primary health care access and insurance for children. End the atrocity of the U.S.'s infant mortality rate, one of the very worst in the world. What is wrong with people who think weapons make a nation "mighty" when they cannot even keep their own babies alive?

2. Federally funded quality childcare as part of the public school system.

3. An end to the war and the Patriot Act. Numerous Congressional hearings to account for the TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that have been plundered and gone missing from our grand-children's future during this administration and a bill sent to the oil companies for whom U.S. taxpayers have provided security services at great cost and loss of life in the Middle East. That, or nationalize U.S. oil interests immediately. Request U.N. over-site of U.S. national elections to prevent rampant Republican voting fraud.

4. Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and the Children's Bill of Rights.

5. Fifty-fifty representation male and female on all federal committees and judge-ships.

6. Full Congressional hearings held related to the Christian Evangelical leadership's statement and threat advocating for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government if their agenda is not legislated into law and a federal investigation into the abuses their children are suffering in Evangelical brainwashing camps where tens of thousands of children are taught to hate and prepare to war against their fellow Americans who do not share their "faith". These are the new "terrorists", 40 million strong and viciously religiously insane world-wide, who are being funded and prepared by the Big Boys to destabilize U.S. society just as Bush Sr.and Secretary of Defence Gates once funded and organized the original Taliban to destabilize regions of the Middle East.

7. Lift all moratoriums against stem cell research and nationalize private stem cell research to prevent elitism during the application phase.

8. Demand 40% worker representation in N.A.F.T.A. leadership. Support and encourage union membership with tax breaks.

9. Turn Bush and Cheney over to the World Court.

10. Ensure that our Iraqi war vets are served as promised with quality medical, psychological and financial assistance. Bring 'em home and keep our promises to them.

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