National Nursing Home Week on May, 2025: Western Theme Activities for National Nursing Home Week?

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National Nursing Home Week

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is non-profit federation of affiliated state health organizations, together representing more than 10,000 non-profit and for-profit assisted living, nursing facility, developmentally-disabled, and subacute care providers that care for more than 1.5 million elderly and disabled individuals nationally.

Western Theme Activities for National Nursing Home Week?

You sound like an amazing activities assistant. I love that you want to make the resident's time special. Ok, how about these ideas:

-- A barbeque (you'd have to preplan w/ dietary director) with picnic red and white square table cloths on all the tables with a little straw hay bail in the middle for decor. Very inexpensive.

--Maybe talk to your local 4H club. They are always looking for ways to volunteer and earn hours. They might be able to bring out some horses/ponies for the residents to see.

--You can put together a game of horshoes. I know they make those heavy duty plastic horse shoes that might be lighter for the residents.

--Have a piano player come and do a HoDown Sing A Long. Songs like O'Susanna and others. The residents can wear cowboy hats during the sing a long.

--If you wanted to go all out you could have some of the nurses & cna's put on a little skit for the residents complete with props. A cowboys and indians theme? I know our residents LOVE it when the staff gets involved. It creates a family environment.

I hope some of these ideas help. Have a great time!!!

I need some ideas for national nursing week?

I need some ideas for national nursing week?

do a free clinic in your neighborhood. advertize thru community newsletter - help the youth / oldies with whatever they seem to hv a nursing related issue.

or have an exhibition on health promotion - at a mall or some prominent public place

get the local health clinic to come in and help advertize their services to the pple who are ignorant abt health issues

is there a limit the national health will pay for will pay for nursing home fees?

is there a limit the national health will pay for will pay for nursing home fees?

It is not the NHS that pay for the home it is the local authority. Each local authority will have a cap on how much per person per element of care they will pay. You need to speak to them to find out how much this is. What you will find is that most homes in the area (other than the posh private ones that don't take council payees) will set there rates the same as the council will pay.

You need the following information when looking for a home:

- What your father qualifies for funding for

- How much the local authority will pay up to for that level of care

- How much each home will charge for care

Once you have this information you can then shortlist the homes he can go into without incurring cost and from those select the one best placed to serve his needs

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